8 Ways to Enhance your Blog Post with Canva

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You can create any design that you need with the Canva online graphic design tool. The intuitive drop and drag editor also involves essential manipulation tools that make illustrations based on graphic designs. You can use the free or the pro plan to create the design you would like, and this article discusses eight ways to enhance your blog post with Canva template.  You can choose from the available premade templates that include Business Card, US Letter, Pinterest Graphic, and Instagram Post, etc. 

  1. Using Canva to Create Amazing Pinterest Graphics 

Bloggers know Pinterest as a place that they can grow their traffic, and they get effectively noticed. It doesn’t matter how you can use the strategy to pin on Pinterest. You won’t get notified if the images don’t get cut.   

Canva would now come in at this point.   Long amazing pins can get created using Canva template with bright images, and there is a pop of the texts. A Pinterest image template that the blogger sets is 735 x 1102 as the custom dimensions or the automatic dimension of graphic can be 735×1500. You can get endless options that you can use, don’t forget to create images that contain all the five elements of the Powerful Pin.

  1. Create Printables  and Options with Canva

Bloggers can create graphics that get to attract millions of new page views that require you to convert them into dedicated readers and subscribers. Create option offers and lead magnets that provide valuable things that the readers need, which will build your trust in relationships.  Bloggers need to offer relevant content to the readers and create a special relationship with them. 

The template that contains the US Letter design gets used to create PDFs that the readers on your platform will get. Planners, Checklists, workbooks, eBooks, printables, and charts on your blog that you create using Canva can help satisfy the craves and needs of the audience. Once they get uploaded on the site, they immediately form an autoresponder series that gets connected to your email marketing service that will automatically send the free product information every time someone gets to subscribe to your list.

  1. Designing the Header Image with Canva

A header describes the image of a professional blogger. Designing a header comes with various sizes with different themes that a blogger can use to customize their product design images and pair with fonts that can fit in their blog name and tag line.  Create your header using Canva and firstly find out the dimensions that get required by your chosen theme. 

  1. Involve yourself in Creation of  a Custom Logo in Canva

You can use your logo design from Canva template to symbolize your business when it comes to branding. Doing this can be done through a custom logo that can be watermarked and branded through everything in the blog. Putting a small image logo on emails and products can easily create a comprehensive brand that recognizes the text and design elements. You can enhance your logo designs to be inspirational through Pinterest or Google. Stock photography on logos can advance the creation juice of your site in its flow.

  1. Create Custom Images

Canva contains the go-to-all images of your blog. You can create a variety of large images through Canva template that can be suitable for your website. They can get pulled from other social platforms with custom collages that show the type of DIY project or show off the collection of links and ideas. Canva template can get designed with infographics for the particular blog post, and it’s also super shareable. Banners and sidebars can get enhanced with ads for the products, affiliates, and magnets. 

  1. Design Your Products to Sell with Canva

Create advanced product graphics that have unique, designed elements. Doing this will make your products pop. The commercial products get to be designed with the use of free features or get to upload your images and designs. Through Canva’s creation of your different products, the blog can get created through the Powerful Pin Design Bundle, which is available in the Powerful Pinning platform. The designs are simple and can get used even by people who are not previous bloggers who have a lovely design. 

  1. Create bite-sized videos without too much hassle

You can add videos to your blog through Canva without a considerable budget or full production. They can get created in simple explanations that solve the different audiences about hacks, which provide more significant results that can get implemented. They can get accompanied by created texts which get compiled with images and gifs that relay the desired messages faster. You can design the visuals from scratch when you decide on the kind of content that you want to create and get to optimize the designs in the right sizes, which you can eventually execute as a strategy to enhance on your blog. 

  1. Turn blogs into visual content for social sharing.

The essence of a blog requires you to condense the easy-to-digest social content through social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. The following helps you repurpose your different content into various formats.  A new audience should get put with too much effort when planning the contents of your design.


Designing visual content when using Canva does not overwhelm anyone, ready to turn their visual content into a blog. Identify the areas with lower-rated content in your platform and pinpoint the pieces to turn them into the right visuals. Canva has an extensive list of templates that makes your work easier on enhancing your blog. Choose the correct format that suits your business so that you can achieve high engagements—having a graphic quote or carousel tips that display perfect recorded gifs. Nailing these will help you make significant enhancement of your site to your blog, and Canva is the best option for anyone out there who requires excellent visual content.