4 Reasons to Install Smart Panels in Commercial

Smart Panels

Most properties are only a lightning strike, electrical overload, or faulty wiring away from electrical fires and damaged appliances. Property owners consider circuit breakers critical devices due to the common occurrence of power surges.

While all those challenges may be attached to power, it remains an instrumental part of our day-to-day life. Property owners must therefore ensure power is available to support work and entertainment on online platforms like Uptown Pokies, running equipment, and a wide range of other utilities. At the same time, they must ensure energy is being used efficiently, which is where smart panels come in.

The global circuit breaker market is worth billions of dollars, and this value will continue to grow as more people leverage them for energy management. Exciting developments in this market are taking place as new versions of circuit breakers replace the existing ones.

Smart and wireless circuit breakers will help property owners track power and the distribution of energy resources in the buildings.

What Is a Smart Electrical Panel, And How Does It Work?

Traditional circuit breakers can be electromechanical switches that break a circuit when power exceeds a certain level. Smart electrical panels perform similar functions while at the same time providing capabilities such as remote monitoring and control of the individual breaker.

The systems may include a mobile-based interface or software that automates home energy systems to increase efficiency in energy consumption.

Benefits Of Installing Smart Panels

Here is why you need a smart electrical panel.

  1. Monitor Electricity When the Property Is Unoccupied

Note that unoccupied premises contribute to the overall wasted energy. Why do empty rooms still consume such amounts of energy? Some of the reasons are energy-wasting practices such as tenants vacating and leaving the air conditioner running.

Server rooms, for instance, continue operating even when they don’t need to. Appliances and electronics are left plugged in when tenants vacate the premises, causing standby energy consumption. Other phantom loads like instant-on appliances can also lead to high energy costs.

Monitoring and automatic scheduling of home circuits using the panel can go a long way in increasing efficiency in electricity consumption when the property is unoccupied. A smart electrical panel is a plug-and-play solution that supports remote and wireless connectivity.

You can schedule off the circuits when the premises are not in use.

  1. Safety

A circuit breaker in your property can enhance safety and protect your investment. Power surges can easily lead to electrocution, electrical fires, and appliance damage. When the circuit is compromised, the breaker will prevent the power supply.

Sometimes the occupants can leave appliances like iron on, potentially causing fire and unnecessary energy consumption. An intelligent panel will automatically turn off the circuits of electronics and appliances that have been accidentally left on.

Faulty appliances could also be sources of electrical hazards. A smart panel can help you detect appliances likely to cause an electrical disturbance to know when to replace or fix them. Checking for hazardous circuits and turning them off can be quickly done on a smartphone.

Note that when appliances do not function optimally, they tend to attract abnormally high utility bills. Insights from intelligent circuit breakers can enhance overall energy use.

  1. Enhancing Energy Storage

Smart panels can be used with both solar panels and regular electricity. This allows energy storage by syncing on-site power generation with household consumption. Together with energy management software, smart circuit breakers can support energy toggling.

You can stop running the HVAC system and turn on emergency lighting. With the solution, you can choose circuits to run with energy storage. The system can prioritize loads, extend the battery’s operation, and support energy storage.

  1. Overall Energy Management

An intelligent panel can help you reduce energy usage in your properties. The access and control of the breakers allow you to turn off the circuits when appliances are not in use. If people leave devices plugged in and running accidentally, you can switch them off anytime and anywhere.

Scheduling circuit timings is another capability of smart panels. This can help minimize energy consumption when the occupants are not on site. You can schedule the appliances to use electricity when rates are lowest and save on energy costs.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Circuit Breaker with A Smart Panel?

If you notice abnormal energy consumption in your properties, it is a sign to replace your regular circuit breakers. While both systems have a similarity in their primary function, which is to regulate the flow of electricity to several circuits in your property, a smart panel comes with extra features.

They regulate power flow and double as meters that can be controlled remotely.

Take Away

You can improve energy systems management in your property by embracing automation. Smart panels will automate your energy systems and allow you to control your electrical appliances remotely.

Even unoccupied properties report high energy consumption; with this device, you can monitor energy consumption in your property. The device can improve overall energy management by minimizing unnecessary energy consumption by breaking circuits for appliances left running accidentally.

Installing smart circuit breakers will enhance overall energy consumption, improve safety and reduce the energy utility costs of your property.