12 blogs to help you get better at sports betting

blogs to help sports betting

The Sports Betting Industry, A free world

The sports betting industry has no regulation. Anyone can start a business or a website. Since there is no regulation, handicappers can advertise with false registrations and promises of outrageous wealth to do business. While there are many genuine handicappers in the industry, an alarmingly large number use fake trade names, flashy cars, females with dubious (presumably) clothing and morals, and unobtainable records to entice new or otherwise uneducated gamblers to buy their picks.

The top Sports Betting Blogs to Visit every day

However, consistently winning sports betting is not guaranteed with genuine handicappers. Reason being that sports betting is a dynamic industry. To be a consistent winner, one must move with the flows and trends of the industry. There is no better place to get acquainted with sport betting trends than these blogs:

  1. Betway Insider
  2. ESPN Reports
  3. Matched Betting Blog
  4. Solution Tipster
  5. Betfair
  6. Mighty Tips & Predictions
  7. The Sports Geek
  8. Sports Betting Dime
  9. OddsMonkey Blog
  10. WagerTalk News
  11. Zcode System
  12. MrFixitsTips

Betway Insider

Without a doubt, Betway is one of the most popular betting sites. Betway Insider is a blogging service that offers UpToDate expert betting tips to subscribers.  Exclusive comments and columns from renowned sports professionals like Davy Russell, Richard, and more.

Anyone that registers with Betway will get a welcoming bonus of $1,000 to bet on the site.

  • Average of 48 posts/month
  • 178,400 Facebook Followers. 5,500 Instagram Followers. And 107,000 Twitter Followers.
  • Started in July 2012

ESPN Betting Blog

ESPN Betting Blog is the best place to analyze popular sports, especially football, for an in-depth analysis. With views, histories, and real-time analysis of live and upcoming games, you will be confident picking your odds.

  • Average of 600 posts/month
  • 6,500,000 Facebook Followers. 1,900,000 Twitter Followers

Matched Betting Blog

This blog is more than a blog; it is the simple way to make some extra cash from bookmaker promotions, no matter the outcome of your bets. In addition to getting free tips and techniques for sports betting, you can also make extra cash by following the blog.

  • Average of 180 posts/month
  • 4,100 Facebook Followers. 28,000 Twitter Followers
  • Started in December 2013

Solution Tipster

This blog helps you win football pools and another online sports bet. Unlimited tips and advice are awaiting you when you visit the website.

  • Average of 60 posts/month
  • 3,600 Facebook Followers


With Betting Betfair, you will get good odds carefully selected by professionals. You will find individual sections on the site featuring football tips, racing tips, golf tips, and more. Then you can head to golf betting sites to start winning.

  • Average of 330 posts/month
  • 653,300 Facebook followers. 11,000 Instagram Followers. 157,900 Twitter Followers.

Mighty Tips & Predictions

Availability of previous games preview of all major football leagues is what makes this blog stands out. Learning about different sport betting options on this blog will increase your chance of winning.

  • Average of 13 posts/month
  • 4,500 Facebook Followers. 1,500 Twitter Followers

The Sports Geek

The Sports Geek provides very useful and dynamic information regarding sports and sports betting. You can also contact them to request tips on a specific league, upcoming games, and more.

  • Average of 120 posts/month
  • 3,400 Facebook Followers. 481 Instagram Followers
  • Started over a decade ago

Sports Betting Dime

This site is more like an odds review website. Nonetheless, you can look up how good are the odds provided by handicappers and decide whether to stake on the odds or not. You will find the best sportsbooks based on reviews on this website.

  • Average of 360 posts/month
  • 16,000 Facebook Followers

OddsMonkey Blog

OddsMonkey blog is a matched betting blog where you can get all the latest news, info, techniques, and tools to help you get better at sports betting. The site offers free guides, but you can get more accurate odds with a stipend.

  • Average of 10 posts/month
  • 8,000 Facebook Followers. 1,200 Instagram Followers. 3,200 Followers on Twitter

WagerTalk News

Vegas Handicappers run this blog site. Some of the free services you can get include predictions, sports picks, betting odds, and more.

  • Average of 10 posts/month
  • 6,200 Facebook Followers. 10,600 Instagram Followers. 43,700 Twitter Followers

Zcode System

Zcode blog provides free winning picks and predictions for soccer, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and much more. The predictions are based on statistical data and can guarantee more than 70% accuracy in odds. You can also subscribe to the VIP club to access verified and more accurate predictions.

  • Average of 20 posts/month
  • 8,800 Facebook Followers. 2,100 Twitter Followers


This blog makes you change how you stake on football betting. You are going to stake better with MrFixitsTips. The blog provides you with the advantages and disadvantages each football team has over others, the head-to-head history, the factors, and so much more.

  • Average 60 posts/month
  • 21,300 Twitter Followers
  • Started in May 2010

Sports betting is a multi-billion-dollar industry where people make fortunes. It is important to get the necessary skills to thrive before investing money and time in sports betting. A daily visit to some of the blogs listed above will make you a professional sports bettor quickly.



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