What is Campspot: Review, Features, Pricing


Are you thinking about expanding your campground business? You see the budding competition in the campground industry right now. So, if you have made your mind to do something innovative with your business, then we are here to help you out. If you have a campground owner, you have heard about Campspot. Well, if you haven’t, we will tell you. In this article, we will cover what is Campspot, why should you use it, and software features. Make sure to know what it is and read them carefully before purchasing this software.

What is Campspot?

Campspot is a Michigan-based software company that was founded in 2015, by campground owners. This software was created to help campground owners especially to operate their business more efficiently. 

The team of Campspot has experienced tech professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. Their main goal is to provide campground owners an online tool to expand their business. Besides Michigan, Campspot has software development teams in Chicago and Denver.

Campspot is exclusively dedicated to those people who want to grow their campground business. However, you can use this software for various reasons. If you are still wondering why do you need this software, then we are here to help you. 

Why do You Need to Use Campspot?

Campground business is one of the promising businesses in today’s world. However, when it comes to management, it could be a real problem, especially when you don’t have enough manpower. 

To solve your managing problem, Campspot comes with various features that can make your business easier. Moreover, the cost-efficiency makes this one of the best campground managing tools. 


You can assume that Campspot has some helpful features. In the following, we are covering ten features of this software. 

  • Automatic Grid Optimization

One of the best features of Campspot software is automatic grid optimization. This feature will help you by optimizing the campground as per your requirement. This software’s algorithm smoothly shifts reservation to fill your campground. 

By using this feature, you can help your customers easily. When you are using the automatic grid optimization feature, you don’t need to play Tetris. 

  • Cloud-Based Reservation

Just like automatic grid optimization, cloud-based reservation is another amazing feature you can get by using Campspot software. When your customer is using this, he or she will see your property.

Moreover, your costumes are making a reservation, this software saves them to the cloud. When the next prospect is coming, they will see the remaining properties. This way customers can easily book campgrounds. 

  • Housekeeping Management

There are many features in this software. However, housekeeping management is probably one of the most features of Campspot. This feature will help you listing tasks. Plus, this feature will also prioritize the unit to clean. Moreover, it will communicate with your customers to manage housekeeping. 

  • Express Check-in

As we are witnessing the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen many companies are taking new innovative decisions. For example, contractless activity has become one of the most essential factors.

No matter if you are going to a grocery store or a restaurant, you have to go through some protocols. Campspot’s express check-in feature will help you by collecting electronic signatures and contactless payment. 

  • Point-of-Sale Management

Another decent feature you will get while using Campspot software is point-of-sale management. This feature is very helpful if you want to track your sales and how your customers are doing. Point-of-sale management will also help your customers with credit card payments. There are some other benefits you can get from this feature.

  • Campground Map

We know how useful is campground map when we are talking about the campground business. This is why Campspot comes with a fantastic campground map feature. This feature is helpful for both business owners and customers. Campground Map will help you receive a custom map. It will match your park, image, and more.  

  • Flexible Business Rule

No matter how big your business, if you don’t have a flexible business rule, you can’t grow with it. Campspot software has an amazing feature called Flexible Business Rule that can help with managing business rules. This feature will create specific rules for your amenities, operations, and restrictions. It will make your business management easier.  

  • Autopay

One of the best features you will get in this campground business managing software is autopay and recurring billing. This feature will not just help you but also will help your customers. By using this feature, you will be able to enable recurring billing, automatic invoicing, and payments. This feature is very helpful for seasonal guests.

  • Custom Gift Card

Gift cards are a great way to attract more potential customers. Not just that, you can sell gift cards for your campground business. Campspot’s Custom Gift Card feature can help you by providing custom gift cards. Then you will be able to sell and process them on Campspot’s platform. You can also track gift cards. 

  • Advertise Events

You can even advertise your campground business’s event with this software. Campspot will be an ideal place if you are just starting your business. You can make advertisements about everything that your customers want to attend and buy. They can get it from add-on purchases to a hosted event.   


Campspot is very cost-efficient. It could be very helpful if you are just starting your business. You just need to pay $2 per reservation using this software. They don’t provide any subscription fee and you can access all of the features. 

You can cancel the subscription whenever you want as this software does not come with a long-term contract. Moreover, you will have a money-back guarantee. As a newbie campground owner, you can use Campspot without any doubt. 


Finally, you know what are the features and benefits of Campspot software. As we have mentioned before, it can help you to expand your business. Before you get their subscription, make sure your business is ready. If you want more information, make sure to check Campspot’s official page. Plus, you can get information by doing your research.