What Does the Venus and Moon Conjunction Mean for Sagittarius?

Moon Conjunction

Many people refer to Venus passing and its moon conjunction with the moon as a beauty birthday or your star sign glow-up. As the time of Sagittarius approaches, it is a celestial blessing to begin the season with Venus in conjunction with the moon in Sagittarius. Learn more about how Venus affects the Sag star sign and what Thanksgiving will look like as a result. 

How Often Do These Curves Line Up? – Moon conjuction

Many people plan major love events by the conjunction of Venus in their star sign. Why? Because its passing bestows all the blessings of love that the cosmos can offer in one little stretch of 20 to 30 days. Scheduling a session with a life path psychic during this time will help illuminate the work ahead of you for healthy relationships. 

Venus and the moon line up in the sign of Sagittarius about once a year and the same for each of the other signs, save for some that have a double stretch. You can expect to benefit from the lasting effects for almost a month after Venus and the moon conjunct in your sign. 

How Will This Moon Conjunction Affect Your Thanksgiving Dinner?

If you took full advantage of Venus and the moon in conjunction during the first of November, you might find yourself in the beginnings of a brand new relationship by the time that Thanksgiving rolls around. As a typical Sag, you’re private with your love life in public settings. However, you may be so entranced in the early stages of the relationship that you may want to find a way to bring your new partner along. 

Before you buy a plane ticket for your new love and tell grandma, they’ll need a chair at Thanksgiving dinner, consider some hard truths. Unfortunately, November is all about learning tough truths for you, Sag. The line often blurs between steamy sexual relationships and love for the typical Sag, especially early. 

Before signing up for the questions and amount of time you’ll be stuck with this person over a holiday traveling session, consider if this is just new and exciting or if it seems genuinely committal. Alternately, you’ll know the answer for sure if you bring them along. You can bond over lumpy mashed potatoes or find lost things in the garage while the turkey is cooking.

How Can You Navigate the Thanksgiving Table With Your Guest?- Moon Conjuction

If a Sagittarius is good at anything, it’s controlling a conversation. Not only is Sag the life of the party, but they can captivate an audience in such a way that the room responds accordingly. The Sagittarius should use their power of conversation to evade questions about their new partner, should they decide to bring them to dinner. Perhaps including the latest discovery from a session on how to communicate with a deceased loved one would be an excellent way to direct the focus elsewhere.  

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