Hit the Road Jack, Motorcycle Touring Without a Plan

Touring without a plan

More and more we are being told what to do and how to do it. People try so hard to fit in and do all the cool things they see on Facebook. Sometimes you will be much happier doing your own thing. Forget the travel brochures and the pictures on Instagram. Sometimes it is just better to see where the road is going to take you. There is no better way to make it happen than to get yourself a good bike, and maybe a good partner, and just hit the road— touring without a plan, destination unknown. Here are some thoughts towards getting the most from living free.

  • Clear up Some Time: Living free is not so easy on a deadline. The best way to approach this type of trip is to make sure you have enough time to forget about your troubles and really unwind. Studies suggest that people don’t relax very much during the first week of a holiday. You should try to have at least two weeks to a month to get the most out of unstructured living. 
  • Get a Nice Bike: Or get your own bike checked out. The purpose of this adventure is to get away from stress. But nothing will bring that stress back quicker than having your bike break down on the road. Have a look at the choices at Wheels Motorcycles and find your perfect getaway machine. 
  • Make an Outline: This may seem the opposite to travelling without a plan, but having a basic direction in mind will help you make decisions as you go. You don’t have to stick to the outline, it is simply a way to get you going somewhere with a minimal sense of purpose. This will protect you from the stress of making a choice at every intersection.
  • Bring Along Some Gear: Keep it minimal, but it is always a good idea to be prepared for weather, and possibly you could be sleeping under the stars, if fortune doesn’t provide you a nice place to stay. With that in mind you should have a little bit of food and water along too. Then it won’t matter what happens, you’re covered for the night and tomorrow is another day. If you are an artist you might want to bring along a sketchbook.
  • Stay Positive and Social: You will reap so much more benefit if you choose to let nothing bother you and leave every negative experience on the road behind you. Positivity is contagious, and even if you are not generally a social person. Treat your fellow travellers like brothers and forgive the inconveniences.  
  • Take Pictures: Take shots of all the places you stopped, and the people you spent time with. Build up a memory bank of experiences that you can go back to when the real world is getting you down. It might convince you to hit the road again. Here are some apps for great photos

You ride a motorcycle because you prefer to have an experience when you travel. Remember that when you hit the open trail without a plan or expectations. Enjoy the freedom you feel, caress the road in the twisties, and breathe the cleansing air of independence. It will be good for your soul.