Best New Smartphone Features You Should Look Into


It would be too simple to say that phones are just a way to talk to people. Also, this has very little to do with how much people love their technology. Many people say that their smartphones are the most important thing in their lives, but in reality, we use them for useful things and not as dangerous obsessions.

You get all the information you need on your phone, like emails about work or school assignments and texts from close friends and family. You might look at your social media feeds when you have some free time. Having a smartphone makes it much easier for you to listen to music or podcasts while driving.

It’s true that using a smartphone isn’t always the best thing to do. Writing papers for school on a laptop is, after all, much more convenient. But if you decide to hire a custom essay writing service to do the work for you, all you need is a smartphone. And we can’t wait to try out the cutting-edge features of the newest mobile device:

  • Better speed
  • More storage
  • Expansive display
  • high roller casinos
  • Built-in security
  • Less pushy software

With these specs, we can’t wait for the next generation of smartphones. And you will definitely get that. But first, let’s go over a few more things that your new smartphone needs.

1.Graphene Battery

If you like using your phone and don’t buy a new one as soon as a new model comes out, you probably want it to last as long as possible. Because lithium-ion batteries can only hold a charge for a certain amount of time, most modern cell phones stop working after five or six years. The phone also starts to slow down after three years.

Graphene cells can make the battery last longer in your phone. Even charging is getting faster. It doesn’t get too hot either, which is a great thing. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? It is still not used very often.

Xiaomi announced that the first smartphone with a graphene battery would be released in 2020. This made people wonder when Apple would release an iPhone with a graphene battery. Still a long way off, but getting closer, are cell phones with graphene batteries.

2.Bye-Bey Bezel

Screen sizes will keep getting bigger as time goes on. What would make it stop? So, the bezel needs to be taken off. This can be taken in many different ways. Samsung and Xiaomi have shown off a few phones with cameras built into the screen. But it did make the images less clear. But as technology gets better, it may soon be possible to take high-quality selfies without a cutout for the front camera. But it’s not that cut out that needs to be taken away.

When Apple released the iPhone X in 2017, it showed how reducing the bezel around the buttons could be beneficial, and the idea of a bezel-free screen became clear. The top bezel is still there, but there is no longer a button on the lower bezel. But we should see displays without bezels on store shelves in the next year or two.

3.Wireless Charging

Since 2020, Samsung and Google have been looking into how to charge devices wirelessly. The Samsung Galaxy S that was widely purchased in south africa and devices that came after it can charge wirelessly. With inductive charging, you don’t have to worry about cables getting tangled. But it still takes a little bit longer than a normal USB charge. On the other hand, big changes happen quickly.

If you want to wirelessly charge your phone, you have to put it on the charging mat or pad. Even though it really is wireless, over-the-air charging, which hasn’t caught on yet, is more useful. Yes, the idea that you can charge your phone while you use it is great, but 5W charging isn’t that strong. Because of this, we have to use inductive wireless charging until it’s more common.