A Unique Timepiece : 4 Unusual Casing Shapes From Hamilton Watches


If you want to look unique away from the typical taste of the crowd. One of the things you can start doing is purchasing a wristwatch that many people do not commonly own. To start, you can explore the unique timepiece from the brand Hamilton watches that have unusual casing shapes.

Here are four of the finest and unique wristwatches from Hamilton watches that you should feel contempt for your next purchase.

American Classic Quartz Silver Dial Stainless Steel Ladies Watch

The first wristwatch that you should think about purchasing from today’s market from Hamilton watches is the model H13321611 which has a tonneau shape making it different from the regular wristwatch. This is a dress style wristwatch specially made for the ladies to pair with their favorite dress. The elegance and the fanciness will make it worth your money’s worth.

It is made with a stainless steel casing with a mineral crystal and a solid back. You will also be enjoying a small wristwatch with the dimension of 27.4 millimeters in diameter, 8.64 millimeters in height, and 16 millimeters in lug width, making it a comfortable option for small wrist individuals. You will also be getting a leather type of band, making it reach the utmost comfort it can have.

Ventura Automatic Green Dial Stainless Steel Ladies Watch

The second wristwatch is the model H24515581 which is stainless steel with a unique shape specially made for the ladies. It has a leather band making it pleasant to be worn in different ventures. The overall look in regards to its design is simply exceptional, making it fresh in many individuals’ eyes.

This automatic timepiece has a green dial with stick indexes and silver-tone hands. Having this timepiece available in a small size, you can wear this without even noticing that you are wearing a wristwatch in the first place. You can also mix and match with different outfits as you can pair this with business attire, dress, casual, formal, and more.

American Classic PSR Digital Quartz Black Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch

The third wristwatch is the timepiece model H52414130 which is from the Hamilton wristwatch collection of American Classic. This timepiece is made for the wrist of a genuinely great gentleman that has a stainless material for its casing and a stainless steel material also in making its band that completes the overall outlook of this wristwatch as striking and bold to look at.

This rectangular shape timepiece has a sapphire crystal with a dimension of 40.8 millimeters x 34.7 millimeters and a height of 34.8 millimeters. The dial has a digital way of tracking the time, keeping it simple with the red color numbers. Even though this is a digital quartz wristwatch, you can submerge this timepiece with a 100 meters limit.

American Classic Manual-winding White Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watches

The next wristwatch from the Hamilton watches this unusual timepiece from the American Classic collection. This rectangular shape with the classic silver and black band is a must-have in your collection. This is a timepiece that is made for men that want to be unique in the way of having an unusual luxury wristwatch.

One of the many advantages of this timepiece is having its unique looks. However, this watch’s features are also excellent with its movement of Hamilton Caliber H-50 and an 80 hours reserve. Even though this is a dress wristwatch that is typically used in fancy events, it is always an additional feature to have a timepiece with a water resistance of 50m.

Ventura Open Heart Auto Black Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watches

The final wristwatch in our list is the model H24515732, a unique shape made for men. A swiss made timepiece with a magnificent dial with a transparent design makes it viewable from within. This type of automatic timepiece is a dress watch with a 50-hour reserve. You will also love the calfskin choice of the band that delivers comfort when worn.

Overall this is a wristwatch that can be a good option for formal events. You will also enjoy the 50 meters water resistance of this timepiece.


Your next wristwatch should be a timepiece that can be a good investment for your daily activities and future gains. Remember that a particular watch has its own specific use depending on why the wristwatch manufacturers build it. You should also explore wristwatches and embrace the new trends like this list of unique types of cases for a wristwatch.

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