5 Killer SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid


Search engines are a great resource for every website owner. Statistics show that over 97% of all traffic comes from the search engines. No one can ignore this fact if they want to standout in the virtual arena. SEO Mistakes

Optimizing your website for the search engines as an ongoing task. With the continuous changes in on the SEO arena, your site ranks will dip at times. However, you can ensure consistent performance of your website by being at per with the updates. Maybe you have done all necessary but your site is not ranking well. You are wondering what might be wrong.

While you think you are on the right path, you might be committing the following SEO mistakes:

Not paying attention to your site speed 

Speed is everything in the modern world. You want fast internet which popped tech companies to innovate optic fiber and launch 5G network. In the internet world, speed is also a critical component. In particular, speed is one of the element search engines consider in ranking your website.

However, many website owners do not pay attention to the loading speed. They prioritize having the best and unique content, links, and other SEO element. To them speed comes last. If you belong to this team, you are the mastermind of the SEO death. You will never rank well despite having the most-sort content. So, pay attention to your site speed if you want to improve SEO.     

Writing too short content – SEO Mistakes

Sometimes, writing short and sweet content is a good idea. The web users are looking for a content they can go through in minutes. Some website owners have this idea when crafting content for their site. But this approach is wrong. The length of your content has a central role in the SEO world.

Days are gone when 300-500 words content was okay. Today, people are searching for informative and detailed content. The more the word count of your articles, the higher you chances for ranking better on the search results. So, stop making the mistake of writing short posts. Such posts are only good for social media platforms not your website. 

Not paying attention to on/off page SEO

Optimization starts from within your website. How you structure your site, include links, and distribute keywords plays a great role on the SEO results. The most important aspects to consider are the onsite and technical SEO. 

Onsite SEO focus on the content and hierarchical structures.  This involves the use of keywords, metatags, heading, and semantic phrases. On the other hand, technical SEO concentrates on making your site readable by the search engines. If you fail to pay attention on these two SEO elements, you can expect your site to perform poorly on the search results. 

Ignoring mobile-first concept 

Mobile is a basic tool for in the modern society. People are owning smartphones and tablets that they use to access information from the internet. With this being the reality, every website owner must think mobile. Your site should be responsive and focus on mobile-first concept.

However, some site owners do not prioritize this aspect. They have no room for making their website mobile-friendly. As a result, they keep wondering why their SERP rankings are dropping.

 Do not follow their route. Ensure your site is mobile-first. If this concept is hard for you to implement, you can consult a SEO consultant for assistance. Otherwise, expect your ranking to continue having a downward trend in the coming days.   

Underestimating the user experience

You are creating the website for the audience, not yourself. How easy they can interact with the site determines its SEO performance. If the user experience is decimal, you can expect the site to rank poorly. As such, the cause of the poor performance might be due to ignoring or underestimating the power of user experience. 

As you can see, your negligence might be the reason why your website is performing poorly on the search results. So, consider avoiding the above errors and see a magical change.