The Top 12 World Nations Where Betting on Sports Is Immensely Popular



Since the 11th century, there has been a huge desire for gambling all across the world. Sports betting is one of the various types of gambling that have been created since then. Betting on sports over the Internet has grown significantly in popularity since the turn of the century. Online soccer bookies (which are also good for betting on various other sports) at, where you may actively place online bets, are among the local and foreign bookmakers actively participating in the ‘competition’ in the industry, which is actively developing.

Many nations have legalized sports betting within their borders. Of course, there seem to be nations where gambling on sports is not allowed. Due to these limitations, there will be relatively few foreign bookies and little public interest in sports betting there. Consequently, whether or not an activity will be popular in a country depends on whether sports betting is restricted or made legal.

12 Nations Where Sports Betting Is Popular

We draw your attention to a few nations where sports betting is widespread. We single out 12 of the numerous comparable nations:

  • China
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • Mexico
  • Singapore
  • Italy
  • Spain

Let’s take a closer look at each nation.


China, which incorporates (for our comparison, at least) Macau and Hong Kong, is one of the top five nations with the most sports fans. In this nation, wagering in casinos is not allowed, although other types of gambling are permitted by the government. Chinese gamers make up a sizable portion of the sports betting market.

In Hong Kong, there are numerous casinos and bookmakers. They provide the Treasury with enormous sums of money. Companies affiliated with the Jockey Club oversee gambling.

United Kingdom

The majority of Britons place a high priority on excitement and sports. It is challenging to envision England without stakes because of how deeply they were ingrained in the culture. The local bookies generate millions of dollars since they adore novel bets here.

The love of citizens for football (soccer) matches explains the enormous popularity of sports betting. The UK hosts the largest fan base for the Premier League and hosts the majority of the football games. The majority of British sports gambling sites in the globe are based in the UK because there are so many local players there.


Australians wager on sports frequently. The only limitation on the betting sector is the prohibition on the manner in which bookmakers may broadcast their commercials. Australians still like wagering in sports betting parlors (which are actually large venues and halls, for betting). Australian betting enterprises have increased their international footprint in addition to their local expertise.

New Zealand

The regional SkyCity casino in New Zealand is actively courting investors by issuing shares.


Lotteries, wagering, card games, and other forms of gambling are all favorites among Canadians. By blocking internet casinos, the government is attempting to regulate the gambling industry. In the war against gaming, it also shares social advertising data, but 75% of locals still play.


The emergence of online gambling must have fueled its growth in India. Numerous foreign bookies are attracting Hindus as they grow in popularity. However, it is against the law to bet on sports anywhere in India. As a result, the legitimacy of sports betting in a given region in India varies.


Since 1966, gambling has been permitted in Kenya. Recently, the government enacted tight regulations for online gaming. Online sportsbooks are preferred by most Kenyans.


Nigerians have only started making sports bets in the last 10 years. Sports betting was approved by the National Lottery Regulation Commission in 2005. Nigeria does not have any restrictions on sports betting, and there are now many online and offline bookies available.


Sports betting is subject to minimal prohibitions in Mexico. Here, however, sports wagering is prohibited for individuals under the age of 18. On their preferred games, gamers in Mexico can place bets.


Singapore is just behind Las Vegas and Macau in terms of gambling infrastructure. There are numerous licensed casinos. Locals are obligated to pay the entry fee because they are made for visitors alone.


In Italy, electric slot machines account for 50% of all gaming revenue. Italians are proactively wagering on their soccer clubs because they are football-obsessed. Match-fixing is a ‘renowned’ activity in Italy as well.


Because the Spaniards are such ardent sports fans, they may easily risk their savings. Since gambling is permitted in Spain and the government stands to gain 20% in tax revenue, millions of sports betting-related pastimes will not be outlawed.

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