5 Reasons to Use Interac for Depositing Money at Casinos


In online betting, depositing money is the first step you must take. However, with numerous payment options available, you may find yourself confused regarding which one is the safest. Additionally, you’d also want a quick payment option.

If you’re suffering from the dilemma of safe v/s quick, your best bet is to use Interac. This new payment option is gaining speed in online betting, and rightfully so. Today, we’ll give 5 reasons why you should choose Interac Casinos in Canada!

1. It Saves Time

Unlike other payment methods, Interac is quick. It saves you a significant amount of time. Interac directly sends money from your bank account to the payment source without compromising your details. This system allows instant deposits using Interac. 

2. Reliable

Unlike cheques that can bounce, Interac is reliable. Cheques block a certain sum in your account until they are transferred. Cheques often bounce since they get encashed after you have withdrawn money from your account. However, Interac funds are transferred instantly, making it a more reliable payment method. Thus, using it for your online casino deposits is highly recommended. 

3. Secure

Interac’s e-transfers are incredibly secure. Interac uses state-of-the-art encryption technology. Interac also uses confidential user IDs, passwords issued by your bank and credit union, and a secure login process to ensure maximum safety. 

4. Auto-Deposit Feature

Interac’s auto-deposit feature is convenient for most customers. If you turn this on, your funds will be deposited without having to answer a security question. However, you can only access this feature on specific banks. In either case, the speedy nature of the transaction is what makes Interac a top choice for online casino deposits. 

5. Online Casinos Prefer Interac

The best online casinos in 2022 prefer Interac because it’s a unified payment interface. Interac allows online casinos to authenticate and process your deposits faster than other methods. Furthermore, the best online casinos are tied up with Interac banks making the deposit process lightning fast.  

The Best Interac Casinos in Canada

If you want to try out Interac, we recommend logging on to the best online casinos that accept Interac payments. The following are some of the leading ones:

  • Mr. Play – This new online casino is a delight to join. With a welcome bonus of CAD 1,600 and 150 free spins. It also has sports betting available; thus, you can easily unwind. Additionally, Mr. Play accepts Interac and has 24/7 customer support available! Hence, you can deposit funds instantly and skim through the 1,000+ slots available on the site today.
  • Betsafe – Betsafe is one of the most delightful online casinos. It offers games with massive progressive jackpots and a unique VIP program. With a minimum deposit of CAD 15, it’s one of the best online sites where you can try Interac. Dive into the 1,000+ available slots and claim a welcome bonus of up to CAD 1,000 + 50 free spins.
  • 888 Casino – Licensed in Ontario, this online casino’s near home. The uniqueness of this site lies in its welcome bonus. The site offers 88 free spins and a bonus of up to CAD 1,500! 888 Casino has also bagged multiple awards recently, making it one of the most reliable sites to play at.
  • Royal Panda – Royal Panda, is one of those sites that prides itself on user-friendliness. The stylish site also boasts Fast and Secure Payments while hosting Interac as a top payment option. It has sports betting games and 1,000+ slots for you to dive into with a minimum deposit of only CAD 15. Royal Panda offers a modest welcome bonus of $1,000 and 10 free spins!

Freely Interact with Interac

Interac is super-fast, smooth, and secure. That’s why it has grown into popularity with leading casinos online. If you want to try the payment method out, we suggest logging on to any leading casinos. The banks used by these casinos are Interac members and this helps in processing deposits faster. Thus, stop worrying about payments and games on using Interac!