Windows 10 Creators Update: What are the new tools you can try for your Windows PC?

Windows 10 creators update
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Windows PCs are, in general, the most fantastic computer systems that you can purchase. And now is the best time to do it. Because Windows 10 Creators Update has already been rolling out. Surprisingly enough, the features and tools advancement in this new free Update for Windows 10 PC is going to blow your mind. When it comes to the Windows system software, its comparison to the most recent OS like macOS and Linux can confuse you. Even if you know the durability and undisturbed performance of Windows 10 laptops, you may still find it challenging to make the right choice. But, don’t worry! The Windows 10 Creators Update list of tools will help you make that decision. 

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Today, we present everything you need to know about Windows 10 creators update. In this reading, you can learn how to download Windows’ new update for free. Plus, find out what type of advancements it brings to your PC. Let’s get started: 

Introduction to Windows 10 Creators Update

What is Windows 10 Creators Update? Is it crucial to download? What features does it deliver for your Windows 10 PC? Is it downloadable on Windows ultimate or Windows 8, or 8.1? Well! When the creators’ update came out, the users had many questions, some of which are still unanswered. Let’s find out the answers: 

To begin with, Windows 10 creators update brings out the most authentic side of the computer system to specific types of users. More often, the creators update for windows 10 downloads to help improve gaming, photoshop, and video editing experience. To name some of the most recent gaming features in Windows 10 are 3D Graphics, built-in broadcasting, and Microsoft Edge advanced version. 

So, how do you get Windows 10 creators update? Well! According to our research, there are a total of three methods to do so. All three ways depending on the user’s compatibility and dependability on the new features of the creators update. Henceforth, let’s find out about these upgraded features first. 

What are Windows 10 Creators features in the new update? 

First of all, let’s settle on one thing for our readers: Windows 10 Creators update features are not only for gamers. But, these updates are for any user who uses a W.10 PC for professional purposes. For example, operating a youtube channel, graphic designing, photoshop, video editing, social media marketing, and such. 

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In simple words, Windows 10 creators update is an upgraded version of the operating system of Windows 10, which compensates explicitly and improves the working experience of creators by profession. For your information, previous editions of this Update were Microsoft creators update and Fall creators update launched in 2017. And yes! You can upgrade Windows 7 PC to Windows 8.1 as well to the latest creator update. Read further ahead to know how? 

Windows 10 Upgrade: List of tools and features

#1: 3D Graphics experience

A long time ago, the world of theatre was introduced to 3D Movies. And, viewers had to pay more than average to achieve that experience. However, with windows 10 creators edition, one can experience it for free. How? Just by updating their Windows earlier version to the newest Windows 10 creator version. To begin with, this update upgrades the in-built Paint application on windows to paint 3D. That’s right! You don’t need to download and purchase expensive Adobe Illustrator to paint and create graphics. Windows do it all for you. That too, for free of cost. 

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In the event that you want to modify your previous arts into 3D, just open Paint 3D, and you will find a direct tool for it. Isn’t that stunning? Now Windows 10 is no less than a $1000 worth of macOS. 

Source: The Guardian

#2: Online multiple gaming support

Can you believe 2021? In this modern century, one can create a profession out of his passion. And that’s what popular gamers have done so far. YouTubers like Pewdiepie, carryminati and Tanmay Bhatt earn millions from youtube just by live streaming games online. Well! They must have the Windows 10 creators update. That’s right! With the new version of Microsoft creators update, you can endlessly enjoy beam game broadcasting. It offers a real-time negligible latency experience. So, it takes no longer than a nanosecond to reveal on the broadcast when you make a move. 

Additional features of gaming on Windows 10 creators update are: 

  • New game modes like UWP and Win32 are available. 
  • Game broadcasting in full-screen mode. 
  • Connect Xbox and PlayStation latest consoles.
  • Enhanced and longer battery life to keep your broadcasting on-going for hours. 

And, this is why gamers are eager to upgrade their Windows PC to this new and improvised update. Are you? 

#3: in-built digital assistant to get you going

One thing that Windows 10 has been missing so far during comparison to macOS is – digital assistant. Apple users have Siri! What do we have? Well! Hold your horse because Cortana is here to help you with anything you need on your PC. Some of the most notable features of Cortana are: 

windows 10 creators update
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  • Ask her to play music whenever you are in the mood. Just say, “Cortana, please play Drake on the radio.”
  • You can also ask Cortana to assist you even when the PC is unlocked, and you are not working on anything. 
  • She returns to your request within 10 seconds or less. 
  • Does your PC forget what tasks were on before it logged off? In that case, Cortana reminds you and takes you directly to the tabs where you left off. 

Cortana digital assistant is definitely a time-saver for professionals. It quickly responds to one’s request.

#4: Unlimited New and Supportive in-built Apps

Do you know what Windows has been missing so far? In my view, the quality of viewing movies and tv shows. Isn’t it? But, with Windows 10 creators update, you can download & install high-end apps to build a refreshing experience for your entertainment time. For example: 

Windows Ink is a built-in paint in 3D App where you can draw and edit videos. 

Experience effective riding with the help of 2D and 3D map support. You can draw, examine the distance between any two points, and much more. 

Windows Groove Music allows you to play music, upload music videos and audios, and create a playlist for your devices. 

Download Windows Movies & TV app from Microsoft Store and enjoy playing unlimited movies and web series on your PC. Now, Windows 10 supports 360 degrees immersion to improvise viewers’ experience. 

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Night Light or Night mode is now available to decline the impact of computer rays at night time. 

#5: 100% privacy and security of your system

If you are an evergreen user of Windows PCs, you will know that no security application is better than Windows Defender. With the creators update, Windows’s in-built Defender app is now five times stronger than before. The entire app contains over 20 security features specific to network and communication, viruses and malware, firewall protection, and performance. 


Apart from this, with advanced windows defenders, you also enjoy the benefits of Dynamic lock. Yes! This lock detects when you are not nearby your system or smartphone. Hence, it locks it automatically to protect it from lurkers around. 

Furthermore, for windows defender users, an app management dashboard appears on the screen. By using the same, one can manage apps running in the background. Control which app contains what amount of data per day and more. 

Windows 10 Creators Update Download for Free: How? 

Are you still using the old version of Windows 10? Or, are you still stuck with the boring and dull Windows 8.1, which does not let you compete to your best at the workplace? If yes, you are in the right place at the right time. Let’s take a view at three methods which allow you to download Windows 10 creators update for free: 

#1: Enable Automatic Update on Windows PC

By enabling automatic updates on your Windows 10 PC, you don’t need to check your system for new updates constantly. Whenever a recent update or app update, or software update is available, your system will automatically upgrade to it when connected to Wi-Fi. To enable it, follow the given instructions: 

  • Go to the “Start” menu option. 
  • Tap on the “Microsoft Store” option.
  • At the top-right side, click on the “more” icon (three-dotted line vertically)
  • Tap on the “Settings” alternative. 
  • Now, do you see an “App Update” option?
  • Tap on it. 
  • Now, select “automatic update On.”

This will allow you to download Windows 10 Creators Update App-by-App. 

#2: Purchase Windows 10 Creators Update New series of PC

If your Windows PC is upgraded and you want to purchase a new one. No time is going to be better than this. Because the latest series of Windows 10 PC with latest creators edition is now available. Websites like Amazon are also giving out discounts on the first editions. Some of the most popular choices of brands and models are: 

  • Dell Inspiron 15 OR 13
  • Asus Zenbook Flip
  • HP Pavilion x360

#3: Update directly!

Apart from the above two methods, there’s a direct method to update your software to the latest. Here’s how:

  • Open the web browser (choose popular ones like Google Chrome).
  • Go to the Windows 10 Creators official update webpage.
  • Click on the Update Now button (here, you will be informed whether or not your device is eligible for such an update).
  • Please sit back and Netflix & chill while it downloads.
  • Once it’s done, run the new update.
  • For safety purposes, restart your system. 

Now that you know how to upgrade your system? Let us know your experience of Windows 10 creators update. How does it work? For additional queries or app information, you can summon us with your request below. We thank you for having this journey with us. 

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