Why is my Snapchat not working? Top Six Solutions to fix Snapchat issues!

Why is my Snapchat not working
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In the past decade, Snapchat has become one of the most popular social applications at the global level. To the reader’s surprise, among 80% of smartphone users, Snapchat is a substitute app for its camera, thanks to inevitable filters. However, more often than not, users find themselves asking why is my Snapchat not working? Yet, there is no one answer to this question.

Does the Snapchat app on your phone also collapse or freeze from time to time? If yes, then you have commenced to the right page. The following guide on Snapchat reset methods will assist you in resolving the issue: 


To begin with, Snapchat is a filter camera plus social media program with multiple tempting features. For instance, you can add anyone (friends of friends) from a suggested list. Furthermore, to keep your friendship tempting always, you can create a picture or snap streak with multiple Snapchat friends. That sounds like a good idea, right? But what if your Snapchat does not work? It can be rather drastic for the user. 

Why is my Snapchat not working
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According to our research, there are multiple potential reasons – why is my Snapchat not working? Our understanding of the subject brings us to conclude the following reasons:

Why is my Snapchat not working? Check out the major reasons!

  • Snapchat has been down from the developer’s end: It does not happen very often. However, like WhatsApp and Instagram, Snapchat also goes down because of inevitable traffic, bugs, malware, ransomware, or viruses in the backend system. 


  • Your Smartphone does not have sufficient space to save new snaps: Users often question, “why is my Snapchat not letting me save photos?” Well! A simple explanation is that your iPhone/Android phone does not have enough storage to save new photos. Thus, it appears as Snapchat has frozen. 
Why is my Snapchat not working
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  •  Your iphone/Android phone has frozen. More often, users’ phones themselves freeze because of lack of storage and other issues. As a result, when you open a high-end program like Snapchat, your phone may freeze, which will make it seem like your Snapchat is not working. 


  • Are you using an outdated version of Snapchat? If yes, then this could be a major problem and possibly cause Snapchat to collapse. Why? Well! Outdated Snapchat versions may contain bugs, irregularities, or malware. Hence, causing issues such as the blue shutdown of the app. Or, Snapchat is not responding at all. 
Why is my Snapchat not working
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  • Internet connection or Wi-Fi network issues. This is one of the most basic rationales of why is my Snapchat not working! Please double-check if your Wi-Fi network is working properly and if it has internet. In the event you are using Mobile Data, open other apps to check if it is working or not. 


Alongside the above-mentioned major issues, if your Snapchat is not working or letting you save photos or videos. It is possible the background or settings on your phone are causing some unknown issues. Check out the methods to resolve them. 


Top Six Methods to fix the “Why is my Snapchat not working” issue on your phone

For the most part, “Why is my Snapchat not working,” can only be an indication that your phone is not responding to high-end programs well enough. But, thanks to our researchers, we have brought to you truly and tried solutions to fix the Snapchat error. Let’s take a look: 

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#Solution 1: Detect if Snapchat is down from the developer’s end

As mentioned before, this does not happen very often. But, yes, like any other app (used by billions), Snapchat can also go down. It is very easy to view Snapchat’s working status online. Click on the down detector URL given below: 


In the event that Snapchat status actually says “low or down,” you don’t have any other option but to wait. In place of Snapchat, you can use its substitute apps like: 

  • Instagram (it does not have that many filters. However, when you go to the “reels” option, you can explore among hundreds of new effects and filters).
Why is my Snapchat not working
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  • TikTok (It is an old but gold app to click pictures or make videos with colorful filters and beauty options).
  • Telegram
  • Snapseed
  • Marco Polo
  • Facebook Messenger 

How to Go Viral on TikTok

From time to time, you can check Snapchat’s status online. If it goes up, open Snapchat again. It will usually work. 

#Solution 2: Reset internet connection (or choose a new one)

Whether you are using mobile data or a Wi-Fi network (public or private) to capture and send pictures on Snapchat – you will notice that snap is not going ahead. Indeed, they also do not save to your Snapchat gallery. Wondering why is my Snapchat not working? Let’s not jump to big conclusions because it can simply be an internet issue. 

To check if your Wi-Fi network is working or not, try to open or use another application such as Instagram. If it says “no internet connection.” Please switch to mobile data or other Wi-Fi networks. 

While you are connected to a public/station Wi-Fi Network, please note that “Snapchat not working” can be an indication that someone is trying to attack you (a hacker or cyber lurker). Thus, please avoid public networks, always! (until or unless they are encrypted).

#Solution 3: why is my Snapchat not working on my iPhone? Provide it permission in settings!

iPhone users often complain about apps and programs not working. Snapchat is also in the line for this issue. But, it is very simple to resolve. In actuality, the Apple devices‘ user interface requires screen time settings (in Macbook) and App permission (on iPhone) to work on any app. If you are wondering, why is my Snapchat not working? It is possible that Snapchat permission is disabled in the App permission section. 

Here is how to enable it: 

Why is my Snapchat not working
  • Open the Snapchat application on your iPhone (this is also applicable for Android).
  • Now, tap your thumb on the display icon on the top.
  • Select the “Settings” alt from the Snapchat main menu. 
  • Here, scroll down to the “Permissions” alternative. 
  • Do you see a “Tap to enable” status? 
  • If yes, then tap to provide permission to Snapchat. 
  • Save the settings. Go back. Snapchat will work now. 

#Solution 4: Run a “cleaning app” to clear cache, duplicate photos & videos, corrupted files, and so on

When it comes to Snapchat, it may be one of your regular choices to socialize. So, if your Snapchat is not working, please don’t panic.

More often than not, Snapchat stops working or responding because of a lack of storage. On iPhone/Android, you may have corrupted files, duplicate files, videos, photos, cache, or wanted app data causing the issue.

To make certain, you can also open Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to confirm if they are responding or not. In case not, use the following guide to clean your phone for good. 

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Why is my Snapchat not working
  • Download & Install Free or Paid Cleaning App for your Smartphone. 
  • Once downloaded, run a complete scan. 
  • When the e-sweep is complete, you will see an option called “Clear Junk.”
  • Click on the same. 
  • It will automatically delete all the junk files from your phone. 
  • Hence, it will make some space for new photos and videos. 
  • Now, run Snapchat again. 

It will work now. 

#Solution 5: Why is my Snapchat not working? Update your Smartphone’s software (iOS/Android)

Every once in a while, both iOS and Android upgrade their software versions which instantly become available to users. But, many users do not download the new update, thinking it will not impact their phone.

However, after a week or so, it begins to cause issues because of preexisting viruses, malware, bugs, or ransomware in the previous software version. It is one of the reasons why your Snapchat may not respond to your request?

Why is my Snapchat not working

Due to security & privacy concerns, such apps stop responding. To resolve this, download the latest software update available on your phone. 

  • Go to the “Settings” alternative on your App (iPhone/Android) library.
  • iPhone users simply click on the “iOS New Software Update Available (1)” option.
  • Android users drop down to the “About this Phone” option and click on the “Updates/Software Updates” option. 
  • Next, tap on the “Download & Install” alternative to begin the procedure. 
  • Please ensure that your gadget has enough storage and power. 
  • When the download is complete, during installation, your device may restart 3-4 times. So, don’t worry!
  • Sit back and relax until the update is done and done. 
  • Open Snapchat again. It will work now. 

#Solution 6: Restart your iPhone/Android Smartphone

Is your Snapchat not responding to your request? Or, is your Snapchat app frozen in a single phase?

If yes, then it could simply be a software issue in the event that you have recently upgraded your system—or presuming that you have downloaded any program or app from an unknown source on the web. It is possible that you have downloaded a virus or malware to your device. 

Thus, in this method, you will have to perform a two-step solution. 

STEP 1: Restart your device 

Switching your device ON/OFF or simply restarting it will allow you to unfreeze it. How to do it? Check out the guide below: 

  • Place your thumb on the power button. 
  • Position your other finger on the volume down/up button. 
  • Tap or Slide to restart your device. 

Note: for every device, there is a different method for restart. Thus, search on the web or go to the “Power” alternative in the settings to restart directly. 

STEP 2: Run Antivirus program scan

It is presuming that you have downloaded a program, app, movie, video, etc., from an unknown web source. It is possible that it has transferred viruses or malware to your device. To resolve this, run an antivirus scan using an in-built cleaning app or third-party antivirus app. 

In the event that the app shows traces of virus or malware, purchase a premium version of the app to remove it. 


We strongly hope that your Snapchat is working just fine now. If yes, share your recent favorite snap with us in the comment section.

If your Snapchat is still not working, then go to your “Account” section and see if Snapchat has blocked your account due to a violation of terms and conditions. According to the previous cases, a Snapchat block from the developer’s end can be anywhere between 48 hours to permanent. 

Thank you for reading with us. Good luck!

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