Top 8 Best VPN for Torrenting free 2020

When it comes to surfing private content on the Internet, it can be dangerous for both the user as well as the content provider. This is why in the past few years, VPNs have become prominent in order to block cyber frauds and hackers to interrupt your connection. To begin with, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Indeed, VPN ensures to safeguard the connection between your device and endpoint. Several types of VPNs serve the user for securing devices using certain kinds of services. For example, the best VPN for torrenting, VPN for business, free VPNs, and prepaid VPNs. The list is unending if you categorize VPNs based on privacy and data.

top vpns for Netflix
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More often than not, users question whether or not VPN makes a difference. But, if you are using your device to surf sensitive content that demands privacy then VPNs are definitely important. Well! For businessmen, the significance of Virtual private networks is quite clear. But, for those who are using illegal or proxy websites on the internet, VPNs are the best way to secure their personal data from an unknown third-party. One such category of proxy sites is Torrenting sites. Yes! Here’s a fun fact – millions of users all over the world stream paid content for free on torrenting sites. Users stream original web series, games, software, applications, music, videos, and whatnot!

Hence, in order to protect such users’ privacy and deliver freedom to download unlimited content off the internet, we are presenting the top 10 best VPN for torrenting 2020 for free.

What are the Torrenting Sites and best VPN for torrenting?

To begin with, the term “torrenting” refers to a prominent and latest protocol for sharing files by building a peer-to-peer network. For the reader’s information, a torrenting site contains a large database that a user can download for free on his/her device. If you are using a torrenting site, you do not need to rely on a single source to download or share content online. Indeed, torrenting websites offer many sources for users to download a specific web series, music, game, application, software, video, and so on.

VPNS for torrent downloads proxy sites
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Apart from this, it is important to note that VPNs are not solely used for downloading content without revealing any information. But, you can also purchase a VPN service for unlocking your IP Address on several sites like Netflix. Other uses of VPN are 100% free browsing with no errors and keeping your cyber identity anonymous online.

Top 8 Best VPN for Torrenting (Free & Paid)

NordVPN: Best VPN for torrenting

NordVPN is the first best VPN for torrenting 2020
Credit: NordVPN official site

NordVPN is the first-ranking on the list of top 10 best VPN for torrenting. It holds some advanced features that a user can cheer throughout his/her browsing experience. Check out what NordVPN is offering:

  • This VPN constructs a wall of next-generation encryption in order to build a private network.
  • NordVPN protects your wifi connection from any form of speed interruption due to data traffic.
  • Now you can stream videos and music without experiencing any unreasonable buffering.
  • Keep your IP Address private and mask it from any potential cyber attackers in the area.
  • Now you can use torrent websites without any site redirection or ads.
  • It gives you access to content that is not even available to stream in your country.

Site Link:

Pricing: It starts from $3.49 per month to $11.95 one-month plan.

The NordVPN service providers offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Now, it is available to download in 59 countries and offers over 4978 servers to choose from!


second best vpn for torrenting in USA
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If you desire to invest in an all-in-one VPN, ExpressVPN should be your first choice in order to receive high-speed internet, secure internet connection, mask IP address from hackers, and anonymous identity over the Internet world. So, if this excites you already, it is time to check out the best features of ExpressVPN come at the best prices.

Site Link:

  • ExpressVPN servers support over 160 locations in America including Chicago, New York, Santa Monica, and Washington DC.
  • You can browse content anonymously on the internet.
  • Unlock your IP address from various troubling sites
  • It offers best-in-class encryption as well as a VPN Speed test feature.
  • Now you can binge-watch without encountering any type of error on a torrent site.
  • Cross-platform supportive: works on mac, windows, android, Linux, iOS, and routers.
  • Now you can stream live events using ExpressVPN.

Pricing: It costs only $12.95 per month. You can also buy a 12 months plan for $8.32 per month. It offers several online payment methods including PayPal for international buyers, credit cards, and bitcoin as well.

PIA – Private Internet Access

Credit: PIA official site

Private Internet Access is a paid VPN, shortly known as PIA. You can hide your IP Address while using the private internet access VPN. It also allows a user to browse ad-loaded content online without revealing cyber identity to the unknown third party such as hackers and cyber attackers. Some of the best tools that PIA deliver are:

Site Link:

  • VPN Encryption.
  • iOS and Android VPN Application
  • DNS leak test to review and resolve security flaws.
  • Prevent your personal data from stealing.
  • Hides your location while using proxy/torrent websites.
  • You can secure your personal data while using public Wifi.
  • Get and Set up a personal VPN account for private wifi encryption.
  • You can check your IP Address protection status anytime and anywhere.

Pricing: It costs only $3.33 per month.

Cyber Ghost

Credit: CyberGhost official

Site Link:

From adding to the chrome as an extension or downloading on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Linux, iOS, AppleTV, SmartTV, Firefox, and Console, CyberGhost is an all-in-one supportive Virtual Private Network. In this digital age, CyberGhost offers a no-logs policy. It shells your wifi network and blocks unwanted traffic on your router. Here’s a mind-blowing fact about CyberGhost – it contains over 6000 servers along with an automatic kill switch.

Check out the following best features of CyberGhost VPN ranked 4th on the list of top 10 best VPN for torrenting free in 2020:

  • It deletes/blocks all traffic and generates the highest internet speed possible.
  • CyberGhost makes you a Ghostie that metaphorically helps you to hide your digital identity.
  • You can browse content anonymously.
  • If you are using public wifi, it safeguards your personal data on your device and further protects public traffic interruptions.
  • It offers numerous VPN privacy tools for professional torrenters.

Pricing: CyberGhost is a very cost-effective alternative for individual users, you can purchase a 1-month plan for only $12.99 per month. If you are a regular user, you can save a lot of VPN costs by purchasing $3.69 per month for 2 years.

SurfShark VPN

Credit: SurfShark official

SurfShark VPN is offering exclusive VPN deals with unlimited device access and ad blockers for just $1.99 per month. Do you know? SurfShark VPN gives access to over 15 Netflix libraries and a kill switch network for disabling internet connection when it is not safe. You can track every aspect of your internet database including everything that you are downloading on your torrent sites.

Site link:

  • Prevents your device from malware and phishing content.
  • While torrenting, you can protect your Netflix and other accounts from blocking.
  • Therefore, One SurfShark VPN package is enough for securing all the devices running with a single IP Address.
  • This VPN is downloadable in over 63 countries.

Pricing: By using coupon deals on Surf Shark, you can buy VPN plans for only $1-3 per month.


Image credit: StrongVPN

When it comes to using a paid VPN service on multiple devices with different operating systems, StrongVPN is the strongest choice that you can make! Metaphor indeed! Whether you are using windows PC, iOS, MacBook Air or Pros, Linux, or Android, this VPN software is now boosting its name in the market.

Site Link:

Recently upgraded StrongVPN with brand new features is on its verge of grasping attention worldwide among the users. Here are some best of it:

  • Zero logs Policy to save user’s privacy in the context of streaming content, traffic, and private user details.
  • Users can connect up to five torrenting devices with StrongVPN single pack at a time.
  • 100% connection encryption.
  • Users can cancel out OpenVPN connections via Scramble (new feature).
  • DNS anti-leak and advanced features like kill switch are In-built.

Pricing: StrongVPN limited premium available for only $7. Now, 30 days money-back guarantee is also available for unsatisfied customers/users.


best vpn for torrenting in Canada
Credit: Windscribe official website

If you are one of the users that desire 100% secured and faster than ever torrenting experience, Windscribe is an undoubted choice. Windscribe offers to generate a firewall while the user triggers a kill switch. It is available for both UK and US users.

Site Link:

Here’s something you will not miss after purchasing Windscribe premium VPN service for torrenting:

  • With Windscribe, you can block and unblock your IP address and additional ads on all devices.
  • Windscribe protects your privacy from OpenVPN as well as by disguising identifying logs upon premium purchases.
  • Furthermore, it is operable on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Applicable for torrent-based streaming on high-end platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iplayer.
  • Now you can configure SOCKS, IKEAv2, and OpenVPNs on your devices.
  • Windscribe supports your devices by securing a personal hotspot and helps to act as a Wifi router.

Pricing: Windscribe costs $4.08 per month yearly plan. You can check other limited plans here:


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Perfect Privacy VPN

Image credit: PPV

Are you eager to unlock your Netflix and other streaming platforms while you are in another country? Perfect Privacy should be your first choice. Above all, this VPN software demands “No Logs.” based in Switzerland, you can take advantage of Perfect Privacy to hide your IP Address, block ads, stop website redirection, and experience self-configurable VPN service.

Site Link:

Key features of Perfect Privacy VPN downloadable software are:

  • Helps you stay anonymous on the internet.
  • Furthermore, it protects and encrypts your devices from any possibly damaging malware or virus.
  • Now, you can connect unlimited devices with your VPN without a repetitive verification process.
  • Perfect privacy VPN servers also offer over 1000 Mbps bandwidth capacity.
  • Also, You can easily and automatically block any phishing domain and scammers in your area.

Pricing: $8.95/month.

Hence, if you are a fan of torrenting, the top 8 best VPNs for torrenting are going to help you by protecting your web identity. So, why wait? Let’s go and stream!

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