The Best Browsers and What to Use Them For

Best Browsers

Best Browsers

To be able to do anything on a computer it is ideal to have a web browser so you can surf the internet and connect with other people through different means, be that for work or your personal life.

Using the best browser for your needs and preferences can make a world of difference in how comfortable your online workspace is and aid you in being your own boss

Web browsers serve as a path to reaching the massive world known as the world wide web. You can go to websites, download software, add extensions, and basically do whatever on them. 

They can even be used as password managers, manage your downloads, fill forms automatically, have a built-in VPN (a paid addition), and so on. 

If you’re using a personal computer, this is where you will find the best browsers for you curated into a list of 5 different programs.

Mozilla Firefox

The biggest selling point for Firefox is the fact it is open-source, meaning the original code is available for free for anyone who wants to see it. It is supported by the most popular platforms, including Linux and macOS.

They also offer a feature called Lockwise, which is a secure password manager that you can sync between different devices and lock with a master password. It also generates extremely secure passwords for you and saves them.

Firefox can be most easily compared to Chrome, with many of their features being similar, with this browser standing by strong policies regarding privacy by having features such as tracking protection that prevent third parties from tracking you and any unwanted domain requests.

Another thing Firefox can take pride in is its massive selection of browser extensions for any need you could imagine and supports HTML5 and CSS. It also has open-source speech synthesis working through artificial intelligence. 

You can also save websites easily by adding them to the Pocket button situated next to the address bar.

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular browser to date, and it earned that status by being a browser that loads quickly thanks to its larger RAM usage and is easily accessible. It maintains stable tabs by isolating them, resulting in more processes running from the program. 

The downside to Chrome is how it is not updated, you will experience bugs while using the browser and can be more susceptible to security breaches. This browser is also connected to Google since it is made by the company, making access to things like Youtube or Gmail much more convenient. 

It also doesn’t have many built-in features such as a VPN or useful tools for organizing, but you can achieve those by adding extensions to the browser that are either free or paid. It doesn’t even have a tool for screenshots, but all these facts haven’t thwarted its popularity among users. 

Google is working on removing cookie tracking, though it will be replaced by its own tracking, which might end up making this browser quite monopolistic. You can also sync your bookmarks and password between devices.


Opera is supported on all popular platforms and is also the browser that first gave us the basics of modern browsers such as tabs. Though not too many people use it, it is still one of the best browsers out there with many of its useful components built-in. 

People were initially put off by Opera getting Chinese investments, but it traded in NASDAQ and also has its headquarters in Norway, making it unlikely to be a data-mining scheme.

Opera is actually one of the more secure browsers, coming equipped with a VPN that in reality is a proxy server that is encrypted for extra security. It also is a fast browser and takes up far less space on your memory than Chrome does.

Opera also has a built-in ad blocker that makes browsing the internet much calmer and less disturbed. This blocker also protects you from any crypto-mining scripts and all trackers you can come across. 

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Opera was also the one to add crypto-mining protection to its browser before any of the other popular browsers. It has a quick access toolbar on the side that holds tabs for any social media or music programs you like to use. Most people’s favorite feature is Opera keeping the same tabs even when exited.

If you want a browser incorporated within a gaming engine, then you should also check out Opera GX, which has even more cool settings modifications you can tamper with.


Brave web browser is a browser that is strongly related to Tor when looking at its specs. It is available for Linux, Windows 7, and macOS. It isn’t popular by any means, but it is a browser that focuses on your privacy. Similar to Opera, it had built-in ad blockers and stop trackers as well. 

The browser is open-source and was developed by the makers of JavaScript. The initial announcement for the browsers was that users would get 70% of the ad revenue the browser would earn. The most recent addition to the browser was a Private tab option that was integrated with the Tor browser.

Torch Browser

Torch is supported only on Microsoft Windows platforms since it would probably only be used on Microsoft devices anyway. The reason for that is it has a built-in torrent downloader. 

Torrenting should probably be a part of the 2021 soft skills list because it allows you to find downloadable content easily. This browser also has a media grab tool that allows users to download media from web pages easily. 

In addition, you can play your torrented content on the browser itself, listen to music sourced from Youtube, and “facelift” your Facebook profile from the browser. Torch supports your Google account as well, making it the naughty version of Chrome.

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