RARBG: What You Need to Know About This Proxy Site

Know About RARBG Proxy Sites And Mirror Sites

It isn’t an exaggeration when we say that the internet and technology have definitely made our lives easier and more enjoyable as each day passes on. Especially if we talk about the entertainment industry. Gone are the days of having to reserve tickets for a movie or a short film because of all of the torrent sites available on the internet!


Because of the many torrent sites widely accessible by everyone on the internet, people can take all of their entertainment needs and wants on the go! You don’t have to sit down at the theatres, or even in the comfort of your home. You can watch your favorite shows and movies on your phone, thanks to torrent downloading becoming so prominent today.


So what are we getting at? If you still haven’t found that one excellent torrent site with almost everything you’ve been looking for, then rarbg is a great source for all of the entertainment things you seek. However, since it’s rise to popularity, the government watchdogs have kept this torrent site at bay by prohibiting the many media they share.

What Are Great Ways To Get Around This Blockade?

Proxy Websites Or Mirror Sites

Your answer lies within the rarbg proxy and mirror sites, of course! With over 20 countries in the world blocking the oh-so-wonderful rarbg, the people definitely wanted to find a way around this. They have with the rarbg proxy and mirror sites. They are basically sites that give you access to the blocked website, it’s a quick and easy solution! 

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Unblocking The Website With Virtual Private Networks(VPN)

The best way to get around the block rarbg website is by setting up and using a virtual private network. The way these virtual private networks work is by sending your IP address to many other proxy IP addresses. By having your IP address bounce between different locations will make it challenging to keep track of your activity on the internet.

Downloading the Tor Browser 

You’ve probably heard of this great browser that isn’t quite as popular as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox but offers privacy and anonymity like none other! This browser was actually first developed by the US Navy in attempts to protect their intelligence, but now its free software that everyone can use. This works by jumbling up your IP address with 7000 relays. 

Why Use Rarbg As Your Main Torrent Site? 

Well, the first and most obvious thing I have to talk about when it comes to how great rarbg is – its whole appearance. It’s nothing too major, but this over-simplistic design with neat category sorting is probably what warrants it’s strong backing from the community. There are no frilly, extra eye-candy business, just a clean get-in-get-out situation, which is great.


Appearances aside, I think that the content that rarbg has to offer is the primary reason that many people seek to use this great torrent website. This website has been applauded because of the detail of the content that each torrent has! Apart from the torrent link, rarbg includes screenshots of the movie/show and ratings from IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

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Our List Of Recommend Torrent Websites

  • Rarbg – reasons mentioned above.
  • YTS Yify – specializes in HD movies in small file sizes.
  • Kickass Torrents – a great alternative to The Pirate Bay, has pretty much everything.
  • The Pirate Bay – the golden standard of torrent websites. 


If you’ve found rarbg, you have found a great source for your multimedia torrenting needs. However, suppose you’re in one of the countries where rarbg is blocked. In that case, you can try the three different methods we talked about in this article. You’ll be well on your way to downloading any torrent you desire without any restrictions!

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