Windows 10 Safe Mode: Benefits | How to activate Windows in Safe Mode?

windows 10 safe mode
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When it comes to Windows 10, it consists of all the latest and high-tech features with outstanding compatibility. However, technical wear and tear can also cause your system to hang sometimes and function incorrectly. It may lead to frustration. Windows 10 safe mode acts as an all-in-one solution when your system does not respond in a befitting manner. Hence, whether you have a brand-new Windows 10 PC or an outdated model, it is significant to activate the Windows 10 Safe Mode as it protects you from many known and unknown errors. 

To begin with, Windows 10 is a robust operating system by Microsoft. More often than not, it contains in-built software solutions for almost all the possible troubles. But, users often do not know about the treasury features of Windows 10 by Microsoft. Hence, today, we are introducing you to the benefits of Windows 10 Safe mode along with a handy guide on how to activate it? 

So, without any further ado, let’s acquire skills in Windows 10 Safe mode for your PC:

About Windows 10 Safe Mode

By definition, Windows Safe mode is a feature by Microsoft which allows the user to restart the system by using minimum numbers of files and drivers. In simple words, when you open a system in a safe mode, it kicks off at the very primary stage. Therefore, if your system reacts correctly and smoothly during safe mode, it means that there is nothing wrong with your system’s actual default setting. 

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Therefore, by activating Windows 10 Safe mode, you can be sure whether your Windows 10 driver is damaged. Apart from this, the safe mode also allows you to protect your computer system while progressing riskful activities such as downloading files from unknown sources. 

Benefits of Windows 10 Safe Mode

Force Stop unknown applications

When it comes to PC, more often than not, many applications keep running in the background without the user’s knowledge. It can be one of the reasons why your PC gets stuck or functions incorrectly. To resolve this issue, Windows 10 safe mode troubleshooting works like an excellent solution. When you activate safe mode in Windows Startup, it forces all the unwanted or third-party applications to quit. Thus, it takes the pressure off the PC’s motherboard and allows it to run smoothly. 

Windows 10 safe mode HP
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Reset your Computer System

To begin with, you can reset your computer system anytime you want. However, have you ever wondered if you’re going to reset your Windows 10 PC without losing the saved data? Well! It is now possible with safe mode in Windows 10 startup. How? For the most part, Windows PC safe mode HP allows you to close all the applications running in the background. Moreover, it brings your PC’s set up to a bare stage with minimum files and software in use. Hence, your PC refreshes, and you can start over. 

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Detect Virus

Pressuming that you are having unpredictable shutdown or errors while using Windows 10 PC, there are chances that viruses have attacked your system. In this case, the most useful solutions to detect viruses is by activating Windows in safe mode. As mentioned before, the in-built safe mode in windows computer sends it to a raw state. Therefore, if at basic state, your windows PC encounters functionality issues, there is a virus. 

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Meanwhile, you can also activate windows ten safe mode while using anti-virus software in your system. The reason being, when you scan your system for the possibility of a virus, Windows 10 safe mode deducts the interruption from third-party software’s end. Therefore, you can look out for malware that may be lashing out at your in-built software and default files/folders/settings. 

Remove files and folders from Hard Disk Drive

You may often come across files and folders in your computer system that do not delete. Such error is because these files and folders are locked and saved to the Hard disk drive. Therefore, you often get errors like “Cannot delete the file from Hard drive because of ownership.” It means that another Windows 10 user locks the file. 

On that account, if you still desire to remove files and folders that are undeletable; windows ten safe mode is a perfect solution. By using safe mode, you can delete files and folders without risking your hard disk drive. 

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Windows 10 Blank/black screen solution

Although Windows 10 is a high-tech operating system, on unexpected occasions, if your Windows 10 goes unresponsive completely, the best way to resolve this is by starting your computer in safe mode. To the reader’s surprise, you can also activate safe mode from a blank screen in just a few seconds. More often than not, Windows 10 blank screen appears when your monitor struggles to connect with your display successfully. Apart from this, if you have recently upgraded your system or installed a new driver, your Windows 10 may become non-responsive. 

Download New Software or Driver

On the condition that you are downloading a new application or program in your computer system, it is best to activate Windows 10 safe mode. The reason being, the safe mode allows your computer system to transfer any additional virus or malware. Furthermore, suppose you are installing a new driver or updating your system. In that case, safe mode protects your system from hanging during the process by disabling all the unwanted applications in the background. 

How to activate Safe Mode Windows 10 from Settings?

There are different ways to start your windows 10 computer in safe mode. First, if your computer system is working fine, you can do it directly via settings. For some reason, you want to activate the safe mode. Follow the given instructions to do so: 

  • Go to the Start menu and click on the “Settings” option.
  • Or, Press Windows Key + I to open settings directly. 
  • Now, go to the “Update & Security” option.
  • Furthermore, select the “Recovery” option.
  • Advanced Startup will appear on the screen.
  • Select the “Restart Now” option given under the Advanced Startup. 
  • Once your PC restarts, select the “Choose an option.”
  • Then, click on the “Troubleshoot” option.
  • Select “Advanced options.”
  • Go to the “Startup settings.”
  • Then, click on the Restart.
  • When your PC restarts again, enter the windows safe mode key (if set)
  • A list of options will present on the screen.
  • Press the “4” or “F4” key. It will activate the safe mode.
  • Moreover, Press the “5” or “F5” key to activate safe mode for networking. 
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Note: Windows 10 Safe Mode for Networking means that you will be connected to your internet connection source automatically while working in safe mode on your Windows PC. 

How to activate Safe Mode Windows 10 from the blank screen?

Follow the given instructions. In the event that you are already viewing a blank screen, you can skip the first step. 

  • Press the power button for 10 seconds. Your system will turn off. 
  • Now, re-press the power button for 10 seconds to switch on.
  • The Windows logo will appear on the screen.
  • Now, repeat the turn on-off process three to four times. 
  • At last, please turn on your device and allow it to restart. 
  • winRE (Windows Recovery Environment) will activate. 
  • Select the “Choose an option.”
  • Then, click on the “Troubleshoot” option.
  • Select “Advanced options.”
  • Go to the “Startup settings.”
  • Then, click on the Restart.
  • When your PC restarts again, enter the windows 10 safe mode key (if set)
  • A list of options will represent on the screen.
  • Press the “4” or “F4” key. It will activate the safe mode.
  • Moreover, Press the “5” or “F5” key to activate safe mode for networking. 


How to activate Safe Mode in Windows 10 from Sign-in Screen?

  • Restart your Windows 10 PC.
  • Now, on the sign-in screen, press the shift key and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Simultaneously, select the power option.
  • Now, select the Restart option.
  • You will be sent to winRE.
  • Then, Click on the “Choose an option.”
  • Then, select the “Troubleshoot” option
  • Go to the “Advanced options.”
  • Click on the “Startup settings.”
  • Then, Select the Restart.
  • When your PC restarts again, enter the windows 10 safe mode key (if encrypted)
  • A list of options will present on the screen.
  • Press the “4” or “F4” key. It will activate the safe mode.
  • Moreover, Press the “5” or “F5” key to activate safe mode for networking. 


Windows 10 Safe mode is activated now in your computer system. For more information, connect with us online. In the case of multiple users for your Windows PC, it is recommendable to confirm the winRE or safe mode key that you or other users may have set for your system. At last, for 100% safety and security of your system, it is also advised to take several initiatives. Therefore, always turn on Windows 10 safe mode before you progress something with unpredictable results. 

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