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Google unusual traffic
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Google is everyone’s rescue platform. Whenever they are in a hurry to find out crucial information, Google is one place where you go. And, there are rarely any moments when Google denies your request. And those rare moments are called “Google Unusual Traffic Error.” Whenever this notification bumps up on your device’s screen, it means that Google’s backend authorities have denied your search request for failed integrity reasons. 

More often than not, Google pushes this error towards devices with compromised Internet Protocol Addresses. Now, for Google to question a user’s integrity, there are multiple reasons which you will learn about in this reading. 

To begin with, one of the most common signs that Google Unusual Traffic Error will hit your screen is when Google asks you to verify “I am not a robot” CAPTCHA. Thus, those with less knowledge of using browsers in complex circumstances may freak out if Google doesn’t respond to their search request right away. uSo, if you are one of those web users, don’t worry! Google Unusual traffic error is common, and it doesn’t do any damage to your device. 

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Instead, it does you a favour. In the event that you are viewing this error, there is a 50% possibility that your device’s browser’s integrity may be compromised. Or, other possibilities mention that your device is under a big risk of internal damage due to virus and malware transmission. 

Therefore, to know this error with a fresh set of mind, let’s take a glimpse of reasons why it recurs while browsing in the first place: 

Why do I keep seeing the “Google Unusual Traffic” error?

Before we begin, it is significant to note that the “Google Unusual traffic” error or Unusual traffic detected error had not been limited to a particular type of device, operating system, or browser type. It can recur while browsing on an iPhone, Android phone, Android TV, Windows PC, macOS, or a particular browser like chrome. 

The reason being, Google basically verifies your IP address each time you hit the search button. Thus, irrespective of what device you are using, if your private/public network is compromised, Google will not respond to your request. 

As our experts researched this error practically, we present a list of causes for this recurring error. Let’s take a glance: 

#1: Unlimited Google Search with identical IP Address

To begin with, the internet is a base of both cyber benefits as well as cybercrime. Thus, Google being the largest source of accessing the world of the internet, it holds power to suspect and verify everything. Under such circumstances, if you are searching back-to-back on Google without claiming any minute to read or scroll through the first page, Google is likely to raise an alert. 

In simple words, making too many searches within a few seconds crafts you as a suspect. Thus, Google suspends the use by pushing Google unusual traffic errors to the screen. 

#2: Google suspects you as a “ROBOT.”

Automated BOTs are widely used for dark places on the internet like Deep Web or Dark Web. To enter these dark places on the internet, cyber hackers use automated bots, which keep hitting a single search over and over again until they get access. 

Thus, in order to verify robots and humans apart, Google processes the “I am not a Robot” question. Wondering how this works? Here’s a simple explanation: A robot doesn’t lie, unlike humans. Hence, if an automated spambot is trying to get access to a site on Google, it cannot enter without verifying through the “I am not a robot” captchas. 

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For extra security, Google also asks to perform text-based and visual-based tasks. 

As a result, if you hold on to a website without verifying the “I am not a robot” verification test for too long, Google ends up adding your IP Address to the suspect list. 

#3: Proxy search traffic

In the event that you are using proxy servers, torrent sites, and other illegal websites to download & stream payable content online, Google will yet again add your IP Address to the list of suspects. Of course, illegal downloaders use Virtual Private Network services to hide their IP Address from Google and protect their integrity from scratch. 

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But, the irony is VPNs cause a single search to derive into 10x portions. Thus, causing Google to shut down your search from scratch. Hence, upon disclosing consistent proxy-server traffic on your chrome or another browser, Google tends to recognize your device as “unusual traffic.” 

#4: Viruses and Malware transmission

Have you recently opened a suspicious email or accessed an unverified website by Google? Under such scenarios, these emails or websites transmit viruses and malware to the victim user’s device. It doesn’t take long for viruses to corrupt the entire file system. As a result, Google will send alerts to your device consistently and keep denying your search request by using “Google Unusual Traffic” error notification to no end. 

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, Google Unusual Traffic error is common. And there can be other possible reasons for this error to recur. Thus, if none of the above rationales balances with your device’s condition, you can still fix it. Check out the following guide to do so: 

How to fix Google Unusual Traffic Error for any device? 

Wondering how to fix unusual traffic on Google? To begin with, search engine abuse is very common in this century. People search for dumb to criminally triggering and other abusive content on Google. Thus, if you are using Google Search Engine for any type of illegal or abusive search, we recommend you close all tabs right away. 

In contrast, check out the following quick-fix methods to clear off Google Unusual Traffic error and continue browsing. All the following solutions are truly tried and found helpful. None of the solutions greets any type of risk.

Method 1: Verify your identity via CAPTCHA Test

Presuming that you have nothing to hide your IP address for, you can say that Google added you as a suspect without a good reason. And for a similar reason, Google gives you a good chance at proving your identity as a human and not a spambot. To do so, follow up the guidelines given below: 

  • First of all, click on the “I am not a robot” option. 
  • Tick it and continue. 
  • As you click on the “NEXT” Button, 
  • It will ask you to verify images. 

Let’s suppose, out of 12 pictures. You have to mark all pictures with “cars” in them. Now, please remember that any picture with a small capture of a car is considered a win. Thus, make sure you don’t miss any. 

google unusual traffic
Source: Google Developer

In the event that you miss one 1-2 pictures, your identity will remain unverified. As a result, a new CAPTCHA Test will appear on the screen. 

Now, it is also essential to note that under real-time suspicion related to your IP Address, you will need to take more than one test. Thus, be prepared for it. 

Method 2: Google unusual traffic notification? Add a legitimate Google Account to your browser

Now, it is possible to use browsers without actually adding an officially verified Google Account. For example, those who use the dark web often use non-authentic Google accounts with fraudulent mobile numbers. However, please note that such users’ IP Address still remains detectable. Therefore, using an anonymous identity via a fraudulent Google Account wouldn’t help. 

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In contrast, if you are using a non-authentic Google Account, there’s a possibility that Google unusual traffic error will recur. To resolve this issue right away, you can add a legal Google Account and begin browsing. In this way, Google will hold more confidence in you. 

Wondering how to add a Google account to the browser (Chrome or Safari)? Check out the following steps: 

  • Go to
  • On the right side, you will see Google Account, which is currently in use. 
  • Tap on it. 
  • Now, click on the “Add Another Account.”
  • Enter Email and Password. 
  • Again, Go to
  • Click on Google Account DP on the right. 
  • Select the account that you have recently added. 
  • Now, begin browsing. 

Method 3: Decrease your suspicious API Rate on Google

Not many users know this, but Google is not an endlessly usable service. Do you know? Google only allows 1000 property hits per IP Address in a month. Meaning, if you search more than 10 million times on Google in a month using the same device, same IP Address and same Google Account, it can charge you. 

For the most part, all the above-mentioned statistics may seem unreachable by a single user. However, when it comes to large businesses, employees use the same Google Account to carry out activities on Google. 

Now, in the past few minutes, if you search for more than 20 times on Google, you come under the shell of suspicion. To take off this cloak, please decrease your API Rate by stopping yourself from using the same IP Address for the next 24 hours. 

Method 4: Deactivate Virtual Private Network Service

As mentioned before, VPNs are excellent tools to hide your identity on the internet. However, it is no good to hide from Google. To begin with, Google is like an entrance door to the web. If you hide from it, you will get no access at all. 

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Credit: NordVPN official site

For the most part, a virtual private network service cloaks each request (search) through more than 1000 servers. However, there’s a 50% chance that VPN is sending your request to 1000 servers identical to another VPN user. Meaning, the fake IP Address being utilized by VPN is sending too many search requests to Google. This will cause Google to suspend the fake IP Address. As a result, your browser will show Google an unusual traffic error. 

To resolve this error, please deactivate the VPN service for a while.

Method 5: Google unusual traffic notification? Scan for Virus or Malware

Assuming that none of the above-mentioned solutions worked out for your situation with Google’s undetected traffic, this is the best possible option. When your computer or device (iPhone or Android Phone) has a corrupted file system, there’s a very good chance that Google will detect it before you do. 

Wondering how? Here’s a simple explanation. When your device contains viruses or malware, these bugs constantly lookout for opportunities to scrape data from your device. Now, let’s suppose you hit the search button on Google. According to you, it is only one-time research. However, at the device’s backend, malware pushes 1000 search queries in order to scrape data. As a result, Google will block you. 

You can use third-party antivirus software or Windows Defender to process a thorough research. Please visit a professional if you have no idea what to do next? 


From having a blast of funny videos on Youtube’s browser version to facing Google’s unusual traffic error in the next minute, don’t freak out. It is a common error. But at last, we recommend you to not avoid it. It may be signing towards a mainstream problem with your system. For more information on Browser errors, keep in touch with us. Bookmark for more updates on this issue. 

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