Google play services apk

Google Play services apk

The google play services apk is a superb software developed by Google for almost all devices running android. The unique piece of software is so efficient that all android devices must install it. With google play services, one can fully authenticate all software. Furthermore, syncing contacts and accessing privacy settings certainly becomes easy. 

Hence, Google Play Services provides its users with the best background proprietary services and API. The application allows various developers to enhance their software by connection to social media sites and more. As a result, multiplayer games have developed highly due to this software. The best feature of google play services is that no external download file or update is required for it. 

The Google Play services Apk

First of all, we should know that the google play services apk is simply a software that holds Several google services. However, the benefits are restricted to run in the background if everything is under control. Users can also access the background services through the libraries and carried out services. The Google Play services apk provides an advanced authorization flow and lets the user have complete access to their phone.

The Google Play services can reinstall without the interference of the user due to its auto-update feature. But you can also update it through play store if your android version exceeds 4.1 or API level 16. I’m sorry to say those old devices having 4.1 or below cannot have the google play services.  

Benefits of Google Play services 

Google has developed some great software for managing the android operating system. The Google Play services apk makes it easier for enthusiastic developers to connect social media securely. The other benefits are,


We, as humans, like to compete with one another just for the fun of it. Now with the improvement of the google play service software, measuring the progress in various games has become easier. The leaderboard function added a new layer in visualizing the progress of the player’s skills. Games like COC, PUBG, Free-Fire use the same functionality for keeping the competition in check. 

Game Achievements 

Achievements are a part of games that encourage the player to find all the secrets of a level and complete to find it as a whole. Google allows the achievements to rank and gets rewards if achievements are higher. Game developers can use google play services to effectively integrate challenges inside games and help integrate challenges inside games.

Syncing Games

Google Play services have a unique way to sync old game accounts to any other mobile you like. The game data always gets saved right after you play the software and sign in. This feature of google play services helps significantly as many of us don’t want to keep the game every time.

Notification sync for devices

Sync notification is another cool feature brought into existence by google play services. Tapping on to the account icon allows the user to sync notification with ease. Furthermore, with this cool feature, you can adjust your missed calls, low battery, etc. 



The location-based geofencing services are a cool feature that most software in the gaming world software needs to function correctly. Google play service made it easier to connect to the phone’s GPS and the gaming app. In fact, pre-programmed actions wouldn’t be possible if google play store stopped utilizing geofencing for other software. 

Single Sign-On

Google play services permit users to log in with a single ID plus passcode to any software system. This function of Google is called SOS or single sign-on. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and LDAP are utilized for getting the SOS correctly. 

Activity sign-on

Activity Sign-on helps the user get notified right after any changes in their account is made. First of all, this function prevents hackers from accessing the user’s account. Thus, keeping you safe. On the other hand, you can also review and manage your account at any time and anywhere. 

How do Google Play services work?

Google Play services are simply a library packed in a single android software. The software library holds all interfaces for users and permits them to gain full authorization. Google Play services also work by solving any runtime errors by utilizing APIs. Furthermore, the software also works as complete security from malicious software. The best part is that the file size of google play services will not increase dramatically. 

The working mechanism of google play services regularly changes after every update. New features integrate, whereas the unused ones can be changed. In fact, every user should update the google play services right after every release. 

Pros and Cons of Google play services


  • Highly functional. 
  • Almost no bugs at all.
  • It is regularly updated.
  • It doesn’t require much effort to run.
  • Runs in the background until needed.
  • Multi-functional.
  • Easy to use.
  • Secure and highly customizable.


  • Consumes power by running in the background. 
  • Not available for less than android 4.1


Google play services get regular updates, thus improving its functionality. The specs of the august 26, 2020 update are,

Updated August 26, 2020
Current version Depends on the Phone
File size  Varies with devices
Installed by 10000000000+ users
Permissions Location, Storage, Identity, Contacts, Media, Wearable sensors, SMS, device history, calendar, Camera, Phone, Device ID, Call info, Microphone, Wifi, etc.
Rate 4+ Play Store ratings

Install Google Play services

Google Play services pre-installs on every phone with 4.1 or above. Various convenient functionalities of google would not be possible without the Google Play services apk. But updating the software can sometimes be an issue for some users. In general, the update for google play services happens automatically. 

  • For those who face updating problems can surely check the instructions below. 
  • Firstly, open the Settings app option or search apps settings.
  • Then tap the apps and notification option inside it.
  • After that, scroll to the google play services software and tap details.
  • Finally, Tap on update and install. Hopefully, google play services will update without any problem.

Get Google Play services for PC

Google Play services is entirely an android based software, but there is a hack that lets you install it on any PC you have. Both Mac and Windows users can utilize this trick to run google play services. 


  • At least five GB of free storage needs to be available. 
  • A 2 GB ram capacity.

Steps for installing Google Play services for PC

First of all, install any android emulator that supports your PC and has an android version of 4.1 and above. The latest version of Bluestacks, MumE, Nox app player, etc. can be utilized for this project. 

  • After installing the emulator software, open the software, and tap on the search box.
  • You can also open the google play store and then search for Google Play services. 
  • Install the software or update it if it is pre-installed on the emulator. 
  • After installation, enjoy the benefits of google play services as much as you like.
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What do Google Play services actually do?

Undoubtedly the google play services have tons of benefits. In general, the software runs fully on the background without even disturbing the user in any way. The software ensures regular updates for software, better gaming experience, managing social accounts, etc. This software is basically a full set of functionalities for the user and other software. 

Can I download Google Play services?

Yes. Google play services can be installed or updated in any android devices. The software version varies from one device to another. So, users may or may not get the latest version of google play services depending on their android version.

What happens if I uninstall Google Play services?

After uninstalling the google play services software, one will not be able to utilize various third party software like games, apps, and more. Managing your google account can sometimes be an issue, a secure connection or syncing performance would be out of the question. That is why users developers integrated the play services software as system software. Only root users are allowed to uninstall google play services. 

Why is Google Play services not working?

Google play services generally don’t work due to the cache and data. After updating the software, if you face errors, then clearing the cache and data will surely solve the problem. 

How do I enable Google Play services after disabling it?

Enabling the google play services software is as easy as disabling it. To enable the software, just go to app settings, and then search for google play services. Click on the icon and enable it from there. 

Is Google Play services important?

Yes. Google Play services is a highly important software for all uses. It ensures the proper utilization of various functions of your mobile. Besides, google play services help establish a secure connection, and it also holds everything together. Many games and apps will not even start if google play services are not available.

Is it OK to Clear Google Play Services data?

In general, clearing cache files will not be a good thing for you because cache files increase loading speeds. But even if you erase the cache, it will again come back as every software needs cache to function properly. 

How do I stop Google Play from running in the background?

To stop google play from running in the background, first, go to the app info of google play store. Then you need to disable it. You can’t stop the software from running in the background without disabling it. 

Why does Google Play services take up so much space?

Google Play Services is simply a combination of services combined in a single software. In general, the software requires about 200-300 MB of space. All this file size comes from the cache generated by the software. Clearing the cache will also not do any good, cause the software needs cache to function properly.

What does Google Play services keep stopping?

Google play services generally keep crashing after updating it. The problem is caused due to the old cache files for the software. So, clearing the cache will resolve all your app, stopping problems.

Wrapping up Google Play services

Google Play services is a top requirement for most android devices. In fact, without google play services, various software that needs social signing, leaderboards, Syncing, Geoforcing, etc. won’t function properly. Furthermore, app crashing would be an issue if the user uninstalled the software.

In conclusion, google play services software enhanced the android user experience to a great extent. Again, if modifications to the android system are made then, the google play services need to be adjusted and optimized. So, no more today. Bye, and have a nice day. 

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