How to Fix Gboard Has Stopped Error 

gboard has stopped

Gboard is one of the most popular keyboards which has a lot of gboard has stopped for use. It is the best touch and type of manual for Android Smartphones. It has features like Glide typing, Voice typing, Emoji search, and so many. 

Also, having so many features on this keyboard causes some issues. Sometimes it shows “Gboard has stopped” and suddenly it hangs. It’s because of the catch file of this and a few other things. 

And often it happens when we try to send a quick message to our friends. That time, it makes us frustrated and angry. And this issue makes us more desperate when it starts to stop while talking with the dearest person.

So generally you want to fix this issue as fast as you can. And here we come to help you to solve your problem with a bunch of solutions. So, let’s have a look at how to fix gboard has stopped error: 

Let’s talk here about the details of those solutions one by one.

By restarting your keyboard. 

You can fix this issue by merely restarting your Gboard. It is a useful way and very helpful. Here are the steps to do this :

First, open your device settings menu. 

Now scroll down till you found Application Manager. 

Now tap on it 

You will see all of your Apps are here. Now search for the Gboard app. Tap on after finding it.

After that, you will see the Force Stop option in the left corner. Tap on it. 

Now exit from settings. Your app will restart when you open next time. Some people say that it doesn’t help for permanently removing the issue. Again some people say it works. But, I will suggest you to use this method to check if it works or not.

By restarting your device. 

Well, if you have already tried the first method, but it didn’t help, then try to restart your device. It might help. It can solve the underlying problem and fix simple glitches of your device and apps. 

For restarting your device, Hold your device’s power button. You will see the Restart/Reboot option after holding that. Tap on the Restart/Reboot option. Then your device will start to Restarting/Rebooting. 

Some users say that it works for removing the issue permanently. So, you can try this and see what happens. It might help you. 

By clearing the keyboard’s catch and data files. 

You can clear your Gboard app’s catch and data files. It will not delete your user information. Instead, making catch and data file helps to remove corrupted files that have bugs and problems. It helps with every app of your device. It just removes your settings that if you had in this app. Also, you can make changes again after clearing catch and data files for your comfortable. 

Here are the steps to process this method :

Go to your device settings. 

Scroll down until you found Applications Manager. Tap on it.

Again search for the Gboard app. When you will find it, just tap on it. 

After that, you will see the Storage option, tap on it.

Then you will see Clear data and Clear catch option. 

Tap both of those options 

Then your Gboard app’s catch and date files will be deleted. After that, restart your phone and check if it now works or not. 

By updating the Gboard. 

Sometimes Apps remain so many bugs. That’s why developers fix them and give an official update to update your Apps. So don’t forget to check any updates of your app. And try to update your apps always. Follow this to update your Gboard app. 

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First, go to your Play Store. 

Tap on the three plane line from your device’s left corner 

You will see My apps and games option. Tap on it.

After that, you will see all of your apps that have an update, notification. 

Search for Gboard apps. If you find it there, just click on the update from your device’s right side.

Your Gboard app will be started to update. When it is finished, go to use it. 

By uninstalling its update 

Sometimes new updates may have bugs that can break it or make it unusable. But you can fix it by uninstalling the updates for the app. 

Follow these steps to do this :

Go to your device’s Settings. 

Scroll down till you find Apps or Apps Manager option. Tap on it. 

Select the Gboard service and open it. 

You will see the Uninstall Updates option in down there. Click on it. 

If you didn’t find that option, then tap on More option or Three Dots on the right corner of your device. Click on Uninstall Updates. 

Exit and check it if it works. 

By reinstalling it. 

If updating your Gboard couldn’t fix the problem, then try to reinstall it. Maybe it can help.

Steps :

Go to your Google Play Store app. 

Search for Gboard 

Select the Gboard app

Tap on the uninstall option.

After uninstalling it, now again install it. 

Now check how it works. 

By updating device software. 

Sometimes the performance of your app depends on the software of your device. It plays a vital role in keeping all of your device’s apps running smoothly. 

Sometimes developers give an update to fix all the bugs and errors. 

So if you still face any issue, try to keep updating your device software. If you have not updated your device software for a long time, you should update it now. 

Follow this for updating your device software :

Open your Settings app in your device. 

Scroll down. 

You will see About Device option one time. Tap on it. 

Now you will see an option like Software Update or System Update. Tap on it. 

Wait for a few seconds. Your device will start to check any updates if you have. 

If your device has the latest update, then it will confirm you. Otherwise, you will see an option for updating your device software. Tap on that if you understand. 

After finishing the update process, your phone will restart. Then check your Gboard how it works now.

By restarting your phone in safe mode. 

This method is quite tricky. But you should do this if you still face the issue and it makes you trouble to use. By doing this trick, it will erase all third-party apps, and we can fix the problem. After that, your Gboard app will take priority. 

To reset your phone in safe mode :

Press your device’s power button until the Power Off menu come up on the screen. 

Now press on Power Off menu till you can see Reboot to safe mode pop up box.

It will ask you to Reboot your device. 

Now tap OK to Reboot/Restart your device in safe mode. It is a fantastic fix to gboard has stopped error. 

After tapping OK, your device will restart, and you will see Safe Mode written on your device screen. Now check your Gboard to sure if it is working correctly or not.

If still, it doesn’t work, try to disable one by one all the third-party apps you have installed. And figure it out the app that’s making the issue. 

Try to check Gboard after disabling one by one, all third-party apps. When you find the app, uninstall it—there is no need for any third-party app which makes trouble. 

By factory resetting your phone. 

Still, facing trouble? You may now be so much angry on your keyboard. But here is another way to fix this issue and get out of every problem. You already know which direction we are going to talking about it. 

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Yeah, you got it. Now it’s time to do the factory reset of your device. It’s the most sophisticated way. We don’t want to recommend it. If not, it is essential. But now, you don’t have a choice. 

It will make your device’s function new when you bought it and was taken out of the box. 

Before the factory resetting your device, don’t forget to backup your all-important data. Cause doing this method, it will erase every data from your device. So reminds it carefully.

Follow these steps :

Go to your device’s Settings and scroll down. 

You will see the backup and reset option on your screen. 

Now tap on it. 

You look on the down. You will see reset options like Reset all data. Click on it. 

Now you will see Reset Phone option in the down. Again tap on it. It is a great fix to gboard has stopped error. 

Now your phone will be started to reset. After finishing resetting, you will see your phone as a brand new phone. Now restore all your data in your device and see if Gboard is working currently or not. I hope it works well now. 


Gboard or Google keyboard is a fantastic keyboard. Cause it has s so many features, we have already said before. But it has some bugs and issues also. 

But you can fix those bugs from those methods we have given above. Again, you still face any problem, and those didn’t help, then try to use a third-party app as a keyboard. 

So, that’s all on how to fix gboard has stopped error. It is a very important guide and hopefully you will get some good benefits from this guide. 

You can have your opinion about this guide below in the comment section too. And also, don’t forget to share this guide! 


Why has my Gboard stopped working? 

It had a rogue bug, that’s why they force stopped their app. Now they fixed it and given an update. So go and update your Gboard to use the latest version. 

Why does my phone keep saying Gboard has stopped? 

Try all the methods we have given above to fix the issue. We hope that you will get out of this trouble by trying those methods. 

But, if you see that none of the fix stated above is working for you, then let us know that below in the comment section. We will try our best to solve that problem as soon as possible. 

What is wrong with Gboard? 

There was a bug that causes crashes for some users. But developers have given an update and fixed the problem. 

Gboard is a widely used software. For that, it has some immense load of traffic. It is something that can harm the server of the software and it can cause variety of problems for you. 

What is Gboard on my phone? 

Well, it’s a virtual keyboard app for smartphones. It has so many features like Google Search, emoji content, etc. Also, there is am an easy way to search for anything, and you can get web results and predictable answers.

 It has so many GIF files also. You can find it very easily if you go to the settings option of your specific mobile phone. 

Is Gboard safe for use? 

Of course, but there is a different answer too. It depends on you. If you have trust in Google, then you can trust it also. Your choice is to see whether it is good for you or not. 

But, in general, it has a lot of benefits that can help your cause in several ways. It is a very popular software and you can keep your trust on the trust of millions of peoples. 


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