Easy tips to check internet speed on Windows 10 and 11


Imagine being in an important work meeting and your screen just keeps freezing! It is quite frustrating and puts out a poor impression. The reason can either be your internet connection or your device. It is quite difficult to determine which factor is contributing to the constant buffering or screen freezing sessions. The only way to go about it is to test out all the possibilities. You should always start by checking your internet connection and the speed it is rendering. 

Wondering how you can check internet speed on your Windows 10 or 11 system? Here, have a look at the below pointers to know more. 

Check internet speed on Windows 10

Microsoft keeps advancing its exciting list of features with every new version. One such in-built feature in Windows 10 is the ability to check your Wi-Fi adapter’s speed. There are many ways to check the same. Let’s get to know them!

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Use this shortcut to check internet speed

Step 1

Either use the shortcut Win+X key or simply click on the windows button. From the displayed list, select settings. 

Step 2:

Head over to the ‘Network & Internet’ section. There you will see a ‘Status’ tab. Click on the ‘Properties’ option and find a row called ‘Link speed.’

Step 3: 

The Link Speed is actually the speed of your Wi-Fi adapter. The section will display the real- time internet speed. You can check internet speed using the above simple steps!

Head over to Control Panel

Step 1:

Either use the shortcut Win+Q key or search Control Panel in the search box. Choose ‘Network and Sharing Center.’

Step 2:

Select the option ‘Change adapter settings’ on the left panel. 

Step 3:

Double click on the connection you are using. A new dialog box will open up. The row named speed indicates the internet speed. 

Check internet speed on Windows 11

Unfortunately, Windows 11 doesn’t have the feature to display real-time internet speed. You can however use the same steps mentioned above for Windows 10 to check internet speed time to time. 

If you really want to check real- time internet speed and pin it to your task bar for reference, you need to use a third-party application. Net Speed Meter is one of the preferred applications available in the Microsoft store. Install Net Speed Meter from Microsoft store and open it. Select Yes when it asks to keep the Net Speed Meter on the taskbar. You can even drag this meter around. Place it at a location where it is accessible and easy to view. To permanently add it to the task bar, right click and select ‘Keep in Taskbar’ option. 

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A universal and easy way to check internet speed for both Windows 10 and 11

Another easy way to conduct a broadband speed test is online. There are various internet speed test websites online. Just type in the address and you can check internet speed instantly. 

Some of the trusted and accurate ones are:

Speedtest by Ookla

One of the most accurate internet speed checkers, ‘Speedtest by Ookla’ is an easy platform to check the speed of your Wi-Fi.

Airtel MySpeedCheck

Airtel internet speed check platform is built to get fast and most accurate results. The speed results tell the users the download speed, upload speed, ping rate, and jitter. You can even download the report of the speed test on your desktop. 


Fast.com also performs similar functions and is a good broadband speed test checker.

Next time your internet is giving you trouble, just go ahead and use the above-mentioned methods to check internet speed easily and quickly. If you have frequent fluctuation in the internet speed, consider switching to Airtel Broadband for a strong and stable connection, round-the-clock! 

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