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cookie clicker cheats 2020
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Are you trying your gaming skills on Cookie Clicker? Well! This Game can be quite fun as it requires you to click on cookies and discover unlimited rewards continuously. But, have you ever wondered what to do if you lose your performance halfway and are necessary to start again? In the event that you have! We have a perfect solution for you: Cookie Clicker Cheats.

To begin with, Cookie clicker cheats 2020 helps you skip or successfully proceed to the next levels of the Game in no time. Not only this, but several cheats also help to recuperate from the persistent troubles/errors that you are facing while trying to run the Game. Hence, we present a quick and handy guide of all the significant cookie clicker cheats that you can use to build your production in the Game. 

Before we go ahead, our readers may want to know if cheat codes such as cookie clicker cheats are illegal to use. To this, we would like to mention that using cheats is not a criminal activity as it only gives you power against the other player. Hence, it is a part of the gaming strategy. However, it is also noteworthy to mention that using cheat codes to get to the new level of the game ruins once gaming experience. Moreover, it does not contribute to the growth of the gamer’s gaming skills. 

Introduction to the Game

To begin with, Cookie Clicker is one of the classical games of all time. Likewise, in Minecraft, in this Game, the user runs to build assets and improve his productivity through different tactics. The Game keenly follows an incremental theme. Hence, one does not need much strength to keep playing this Game despite concentration. For the most part, it is a single-player game.

Furthermore, it receives several updates every week/month by Julien Thiennot and Opti, the primary designers and programmers. Initially released in 2013, the Game has advanced much. Thus, it promises a lot of fun, entertainment, and easy to download.

Download from Microsoft Store: 

What is cookie clicker game all about?

When it comes to cookie clicker, it is an eternal game that delivers constant motive. Time-to-time gaming updates make cookie clicker 2020 unblocked, one of the favorite Chromebook games of all time. Recently updated in August 2020, a live version of the Game is available. Now, you can also utilize dark mode at night to match the vibes. Above all, now you can set your shortcuts.

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For the first time player’s information, the cookie clicker is a straightforward game. All you need to do is: Click on Cookies and acquire rewards. More often than not, you need to catch cookies for enhanced and countable tips swiftly. Moreover, the developers have recently upgraded the theme of this Game in order to make it fun. It now has a touch of dystopia, dark humor, and cosmic horror. For example, during Grandmapoclypse, the Game’s background turns molten red. Hence, the gamer is required to fight off grandma mutants to move further in the Game. 

So, let’s get started on excellent cookie clicker cheats for moving onto the next level in the Game.

How to activate a cookie clicker cheat unblocked?

To activate cookie clicker cheats alternatives on your gaming device, you will need to open the browser console. For example, if you are using Chromebook, how to hack a cookie clicker on Chromebook?

For MacBook users, the Command+Shift+J key is valid to use. 

Furthermore, for Microsoft Windows users: the F12 key is valid to use. 

You can also open the Cookie Clicker cheats console dashboard as per your browser. Check out the following shortcuts:

  • Firefox: CTRL+SHIFT+K
  • Microsoft Edge: F12/ in the event the key does not work, right-click on the page and then select the “Inspect Element” option.
  • Safari users shall use the shortcut: Command+Option+C keys.

Henceforth, click on the “Console” Tab to start applying different cookie clicker cheats 2020. The following are other cheats that are verified.

Cookie Clicker Cheats unblocked: How to get infinite sugar lumps?

Using the following cookie clicker sugar lumps cheat codes, you can add, remove, and earn unlimited sugar lumps to benefit your GameGame’s performance. Follow the given steps to achieve the same: 

  • Open Browser Console (view above instructions for the same)
  • In the console edit sheet, copy and paste the following code.
  • Game.Objects[“Building name”].level -= x;
  • At last, press the ENTER button.

Note: In the place of “X,” enter the number of levels. Similarly, in the place of “building name,” enter the building’s name from where you want to deduct sugar lumps. 

You can also add sugar lumps by changing the “-” sign to the “+” symbol in the given cheat code. 

How to generate cookies in Cookie Clicker?

For earning more cookies than you already have, use the following instructional guide: 

  • Open Browser Console (view above instructions for the same)
  • In the console edit sheet, copy and paste the following code.
  • Game.Earn(number)
  • Then, press the ENTER Button

For example, Game.Earn(101010101010100101001). Hence, your earnings will include 101010101010100101001 more cookies. 

How to purchase structure in cookie clicker by generating cookies?

By purchasing structure or item in cookie clicker, you can enhance the number of cookies you earn. For example, Antimatter Condenser allows a user to generate cookies automatically by the second. To apply such cookie clicker cheat, follow the given instructions:

  • Open Browser Console (view above instructions for the same)
  • In the console edit sheet, copy and paste the following code.
  • Game.RuinTheFun() ;
  • Then, press the ENTER button
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As a result, 999,999,999,999,999,999 cookies will add to your gaming achievements. You can use this cheat many times to keep earning. However, of course, it will take time and patience. 

Game.cookies=number is also a valid cookie clicker cheats 2020 unblock. It unblocks your cookie balance. Furthermore, changes the ratio to whatever “count” you put in the number’s place. For example, if you want to generate your cookies balance from 100 to 3000, copy and paste: Game.cookies=3000. Then, press the ENTER button.

Game.cookies=Infinity is another cookie clicker cheater that you can use to fill your cookies balance to no end. However, you cannot undo this cheat until or unless you change your cookies number to zero. For example, Game.cookies=0;.

At last, you can use Game .cookiesPs=number, where PS(stands for per second). Using this code, you can cheat your cookie clicker game to increase your cookie balance by second automatically. For example, Game.cookiesPs=9 it means you will earn nine cookies per second. 

How to change an item’s cost by using Cookie Clicker Cheat for Game Elements?

  • Open Browser Console (view above instructions for the same)
  • In the console edit sheet, copy and paste the following code.
  • Enter/Copy and paste: Buyables[“Cursor”].price = 0;
  • Then, press the ENTER button.

In the place of “Cursor,” you can make other objects free, such as Grandma, Labs, factories, mines, and so on. You can also change the item’s costs from zero to one. Use Buyables[“Time machine”].price = 1; to change the time machine’s price. For more items, you can connect with us in the comments section.

How to reset a pledge timer?

By resetting pledge time, you can increase the time you have had left to click on a cookie. Follow the given steps to change/reset timer:

  • Open Browser Console (view above instructions for the same)
  • In the console edit sheet, copy and paste the following code.
  • Enter code: Pledge = (# of seconds) * 30
  • Then, press the ENTER button

In the place of (#of seconds), you can enter any number to increase your time left by the seconds. 


So, without a doubt, you can gain a lot of awards by using cookie clicker cheats while playing. These cheats are legal to use. It is recommendable to utilize VPN(s) for additional safety and persistent objection from external device factors. If you have more fun and entertaining cookie clicker cheats, discuss with us online in the comments and get a chance for a shoutout.

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