Bitcoin: Places or Areas to spend your cryptocurrencies in 2021!

Things Know About Bitcoin

Things Know About Bitcoin

In the past 12 years, bitcoin has grown tremendously as a store of value and medium of exchange. Developers have worked on eradicating all the negative factors of bitcoin, and the bitcoin network has undergone many upgrades to improve the transaction processing time and capability. Because of the improvements, businesses have now started accepting bitcoin payments both online and in-person. As bitcoin doesn’t charge high fees, it is great for larger transactions and offers great security. Lets know the areas or place to spend your cryptocurrencies.

The bitcoin community believes that cryptocurrencies have the potential to become a viable option or alternative to make payments to centralized payment systems that exist in the market. However, bitcoin is used widely for investment purposes like stocks or gold. The only main issue with the bitcoin network is the number of transactions that are processed.  The maximum capacity of bitcoin is to process seven transactions every second, and this is less as compared to other payment methods. Bitcoin is highly condemned for queuing the transactions and not processing them for hours because of the slow speed of miners. 

As more and more people are attracted to bitcoin and are using it to make transactions, the network has become bloated. With more usage, the number of transactions, transaction fees and waiting time of transactions have soared. This can be well understood with an example when bitcoin’s transaction fee increased due to an increase in usage and trading of bitcoin in 2017, and this also skyrocketed the price of bitcoin tokens. This created confusion amongst people about the viability of bitcoin, and due to this, many companies restricted bitcoin payments. 

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If you are aware of the places or industries that accept bitcoin payments, you are at the right place. Here we will discuss the places where you can make payments with bitcoin wallets. Additionally, if you want to earn money with bitcoin, you can visit here read this review article.

Travel Companies

There is a plethora of travel companies across the world, and recently, there has been great competition amongst the travel related services on offering the toolkits to their customers. Travel companies have offered an alternative way to make payments in cryptocurrencies to attract new customers to visit their dream holiday destination. Some travel companies that are becoming popular with bitcoin include Virgin Galactic, AirBaltic, Expedia and more. Expedia is the world’s largest travel booking agency that has started accepting bitcoin payments for flights, hotel bookings and more. AirBaltic is the first airline that announced that it would accept bitcoin payments for flight bookings.

Service Providers

While there aren’t any specific markets that accept bitcoins and it is accepted universally. There are multiple companies in different sectors that are looking forward to attracting their clients and expand their base by introducing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment methods. Let’s have a look at some of the companies that accept bitcoin that include Reddit, AT&T, ProtonMail, ExpressVPN, Dish Network, Twitch, NordVPN, Bloomberg, WordPRess, Namecheap and more. These are some of the growing companies that are known to explode with their acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment.

Online Stores

Only a limited number of online retailers accept bitcoin as a viable medium of exchange. Users can also choose to use gift cards for buying products online, as this is a great method of using digital currencies. Some of the popular online stores that accept bitcoin payments are Microsoft, Overstock, Newegg, Shopify, Home Depot and more. These are some of the world’s biggest platforms and companies that are providing their customer’s convenience and are expanding their base with bitcoin payments. Additionally, a great portion of bitcoin transactions is in the form of gift card purchases. 

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Nonprofit organizations

There are multiple nonprofit organizations that have started accepting donations in the form of digital currencies. Most popular nonprofit organizations that accept bitcoin include The Giving Block, Wikimedia Foundation, Wikileaks and more. Some of these are international organizations that encourage the growth and development of poor people or children. Donating money in organizations to charity incurs high fees, and also most people choose to keep donations anonymous. Donating money in the form of digital currencies is a great way to remain anonymous and also stay free from paying huge fees. 

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