Advantages of Having a Smart Speaker for Your Home

a Smart Speaker

Many of us are familiar with the “smart” label, which has recently been struck in the face of various technical devices. From smart homes to smart cars, every aspect of our daily lives receives an AI boost. Smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home Smart Speaker with Google Assistant are becoming more and more popular in many of our homes, but is it worth the hype? For those who are still uncertain about adding smart speakers to their tech repertoire, let’s take a look at the various benefits.

What sets smart speakers apart from regular speakers is the built-in artificial intelligence virtual assistant that connects to the Internet. This is basically a conversation with the speaker, asking the speaker to perform a task or perform other functions.

Play your favorite songs

You no longer have to scroll through the app or browse record shelves to find the next album or song you want to play. With smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home and subscriptions to streaming services like Spotify the voice assistant will take voice commands such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s assistant, or Apple’s Siri, to play your tracks. 

You really want to hear, and let it echo right away from your speakers. 4,444 million songs are available on all major streaming services, and most songs are available on most smart speakers. So, listen to your heart’s content.

Manage your smart home with a voice command

An amazing feature of the smart speaker is that it’s not just about music. One of the most important of these features is the ability to manage other smart products in the home like video doorbells and smart blinds. Alexa, Siri, and the Google Assistant are compatible with many devices so connectivity with other devices using your home Wi-Fi connection is not an issue. 

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With them, you can adjust the heating temperature, change TV channels, and bring the kettle to a boil with just a mere voice command. These additional devices come from many different manufacturers, so if you want to prepare your home for the future, you need to include this extra device in your setup.

The voice recognition feature is amazing

Alexa or the Virtual AI Assistant comes with voice recognition for a completely hands-free experience after setup. Instead of searching for your favorite song on the phone and draining the battery in the process, you can ask your smart speaker to play the song. You can also pause and play if you like. It reduces your dependence on the phone which is an additional benefit as it helps you reduce eye strain and helps you multitask.

Good sound quality

One of the additional benefits of smart speakers is that they can also be used as Bluetooth speakers. It’s the best for this purpose too and smart speakers will help you in any situation. You can pair your smart speaker with your mobile phone to play music directly or imitate your home theater while watching your favorite TV shows and movies. 

However, most Bluetooth speakers are sold with a pathetic sound quality. With powerful bass, loud sound and clear vocal capabilities, smart speakers are also the best choice for providing a great musical experience on the market. There is no problem if you move your smartphone away from the speaker. 

With Bluetooth speakers, if you bring your smartphone far away, the sound quality will deteriorate or break. If you like listening to different styles of music, or if you like dancing and singing, smart speakers are the way to go. Start your day on a Zumba track and listen to your favorite songs while sipping tea. A smart speaker will make your musical journey way more enjoyable!

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Constantly updating features

The number of features are constantly growing. While Google and Apple are constantly upgrading their devices, Amazon is leveraging third-party expertise to make Echo speakers extremely versatile. Whether you’re looking for local news or radio stations, listening to podcasts or audiobooks, or looking for information about your commute, smart speakers can help you with this task. 

From Simon Says games to on-demand animal sounds, the range of what smart speakers can do is amazing. If you decide to get Amazon Echo, you can also shop at major retail online stores using voice only. If you’re worried about that, note that the setting is turned on by default-go to the Alexa app settings and set a PIN code to protect your purchase. If you can’t trust to buy, turn it off completely on your behalf.

Set reminders and schedules easily

Are you always missing a meeting, losing your shopping list, or forgetting an important birthday? Make smart speakers remember them all and provide reminders for all events. All you have to do is tell them what item or action you want to remember, or the date you want to write down. These can also be set to sync with your phone or computer’s own calendar or reminder application, when communicating with your Echo, Google Home, or HomePod, on your device. The schedule will be updated.

Final thoughts

We all agree that there is a device addiction problem in today’s world. Many of us want to spend less time in front of the screen. Perhaps these voice assistants are the first step in getting us to put the phone down. As long as your smart home device supports smart speakers, and many of them can, you can use voice to control your home. Examples include August locks, Nest thermostats, and Philips Hue bulbs. 

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